Organizational Behaviour

Course Code: BBA102

Course Title: Organizational Behavior (4 Credits)




Course Contents


Unit 1: Introduction to Organizational Behaviour: Concept of Organizational Behaviour (OB)- Importance of Organizational Behaviour2¬ Key Elements of Organizational Behavior, Role of Managers in OB- Interpersonal Roles-Informational Roles- Decisional Roles, Foundations or Approaches to Organizational Behavior, Challenges and Opportunities for OB


Unit 2: Introduction to Organization Design: Meaning of Organization Design and Structure, Basic elements of Organization Structure , Types of Organization Design


Unit 3: Introduction to Interpersonal Behaviour: Nature and meaning of Interpersonal Behaviour, Concept of Self,   Transaction Analysis (TA), Benefits and uses of Transactional Analysis, Johari Window Model


Unit 4: Learning: Learning and Learning Cycle,Components of Learning, Theories of Learning


Unit 5: Introduction to Personality: Definition and Meaning of Personality            - Importance of Personality, Determinants of Personality,       Theories of Personality, Personality Traits Influencing OB


Unit 6: Introduction to Emotions: Nature and Meaning of Emotions - Characteristics of Emotions, Theories of Emotions, Emotions in the Context of OB


Unit 7: Motivation: Definition and Meaning, Theories of Motivation, Application of theories in Organizational Scenario


Unit 8: Leadership: Definition and Meaning, Theories of Leadership, Contemporary Business Leaders


Unit 9: Organizational Stress:Definition and Meaning , Sources of Stress, Types of Stress, Impact of Stress on Organizations, Stress Management Techniques


Unit 10: Introduction to Organizational Communication: Meaning and Importance of Communication, Functions , process, types, Interpersonal Communication, Organizational Communication,Tips for Effective Communication


Unit 11: Introduction to Organization Culture: Meaning and Nature of Organization Culture - Origin of Organization Culture, Functions of Organization Culture, Types of Culture, Creating and Maintaining Organization Culture, Managing Cultural Diversity


Unit 12: Organizational Conflict: Definition and Meaning, Sources of Conflict, Types of Conflict, Conflict Management Approaches


Unit 13: Power and Politics: Power and its Two Faces,Sources of Power, Organizational Politics


Unit 14: Introduction to Groups and Teams: Meaning and Importance of Groups, Reasons for Group Formation, Types of Groups, Stages of Group Development, Meaning and Importance of Teams, Types of Teams, Creating an Effective Team


Unit 15: Organization Change and Development: Definition and Meaning, Need for Change, Strategies to Overcome Resistance, Process of Change, Meaning and Definition of OD, OD Interventions