Research Methods

Course Code:  BBA201

Course Title: Research Methods (2 Credits)




Course Contents


Unit 1: Introduction to Research: Introduction, Meaning and Purpose of Research, Characteristics of Good Research, Types of Research, Steps in the Research Process


Unit 2: Formulation of Research Problem: Introduction, Meaning  of Research Problem, Guidelines and Criteria for Selecting a Research Problem, Formulating a Research Problem, Techniques for Formulating a Research Problem


Unit 3: Research Design: Introduction, Meaning of Research Design, Characteristics  of Good Research Design,Concepts related to Research Design, Types of Research Design


Unit 4: Sample Selection: Introduction, Importance and Advantages of Sampling, Census vs. Sample,Characteristics of Good Sample, Sampling Techniques, Criteria for Selection of a Sampling Technique


Unit 5: Data Collection: Introduction, Sources of Data, Primary Data Collection Techniques, Secondary Data Collection Techniques, Secondary Data – Advantages and Disadvantages, Qualitative vs. Quantitative Data


Unit 6: Questionnaire Design: Introduction,Types of Questionnaire, Methods of Sending the Questionnaire, Guidelines for Questionnaire Design, Characteristics of Good Questionnaire


Unit 7: Data Processing: Introduction, Editing, Coding the Data, Tabulation, Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis,


Unit 8: Analysis, Interpretation and Presentation of Findings: Introduction, Statistical Analysis and Interpretation, Techniques of Interpretation, Report Writing Steps, Components and Format of Research Reports, Guidelines for Writing Research Reports