Retail Management

Course Code: BBA405

Course Title: Retail Management  (2 Credits)



Course Contents


Unit 1: Introduction to Retailing: Concept of retailing, Functions  of retailing, Terms & Definition, Retail formats and types, Retailing Channels, Retail Industry in India, Importance of retailing, Changing trends in retailing.


Unit 2: Understanding the Retail Consumer: Retail consumer behavior, Factors influencing the Retail consumer, Customer decision making process, Types of decision making, Market research for understanding retail consume


Unit 3: Retail Market Segmentation and Strategies: Market Segmentation and its benefits, Kinds of markets, Definition of Retail strategy, Strategy for effective market segmentation, Strategies for penetration of new markets, Growth strategies, Retail value chain.


Unit 4: Retail Location Selection: Importance of Retail locations, Types of retail locations, Factors determining the location decision, Steps involved in choosing a retail locations, Measurement of success of location


Unit 5: Merchandise Management: Meaning of Merchandising, Factors influencing Merchandising, Functions of Merchandising Manager, Merchandise planning, Merchandise buying, Analysing Merchandise performance


Unit 6: Retail Operations and Retail Pricing: Store administration, Premises management, Inventory Management, Store Management, Receipt Management, Customer service, Retail Pricing, Factors influencing retail prices

Pricing strategies, Controlling costs


Unit 7: Retail Space  Management and Marketing: Definition of Space Management, Store layout and Design, Visual Merchandising, Promotions Strategy, Relationship Marketing Strategies, CRM, Retail Marketing Mix, Retail Communication Mix, POP Displays


Unit 8: Emerging trends in retailing: Changing nature of retailing, Organized retailing, Modern retail formats, E-tailing, Challenges faced by the retail sector