Taxation Management

Course Code: BBA504

Course Title: Taxation Management (2 Credits)




Course Contents


Unit 1: Taxation System in India - I: This unit will enable you to comprehend the basic expressions of taxation such as income, capital and revenue.



Unit 2: Taxation System in India - II: Certain incomes are exempted from tax under Sections 10 and 13A. In this unit, you will identify these and learn about filing of returns, tax recovery and refunds, tax avoidances and evasion, the penalties and assessment rates.


Unit 3: The Process of Taxation - I: This unit elaborates Section 14 of the Income Tax Act, 1961, which provides for the computation of total income of an assessee under five heads of income such as salaries, house property, profit and gains of business or profession, capital gain and other sources.


Unit 4: The Process of Taxation - II: Business and profession have different meanings. This unit describes what they exactly mean when it comes to computation of profits and gains for professionals and businessmen. It will also discuss deductions under Section 80 (80CCC to 80U).


Unit 5: Business Tax Procedure and Management: This unit will explain the indirect taxes such as service tax, value added tax, central sales tax and fringe benefit tax.


Unit 6: Fiscal Policy: Impact on Taxation: We will study the new taxes proposed in the Budget of 2016-17 and analyse their impact in this unit.


Unit 7: Practical Problems: This last unit has several practical problems and their solutions based on the taxation rates applicable in the current and previous financial year