Technology Management

 Course Code: BBA601

Course Title: Technology Management (4 Credits)




Course Contents


Unit 1: Introduction to technology management: Concept and meaning of technology, Evolution and growth of technology, Role and significance of management of technology


Unit 2: Impact of technology: Impact of technology on society and business, Forms of technology: process technology and product technology.


Unit 3: Competitive advantage through new technologies: Product development – from scientific breakthrough to Marketable product, linkage between technology development and competition, managing research and development (r&d), managing intellectual property


Unit 4: Technological Forecasting: Technology Forecast, Necessity of Technology Forecasting, Role of Technology Forecasting, Classification of Technology forecasting Approaches, Technological Forecasting Methods, Common Mistakes in Forecasting


Unit 5: Technology Assessment: Linkage between Technology, Development and Competition, Linkage between Technology, Development and Competition

Managing Research and Development (R&D), Managing Intellectual Property


Unit 6: Technology Strategy: Technology Strategy Concept, Technology Strategy and Management, Elements of an accessible Technology Strategy, Need and Importance of Technology Strategy, Technology Strategy Principles, Technology Strategy Types, Framework for Formulating Technology Strategy, Competitive Advantage, Innovation Management


Unit 7: Technology Diffusion and Absorption: Technology Adoption, Technology Diffusion, Importance of Technology Diffusion, Different Perspectives of Innovation Diffusion Process, Technology Diffusion Curve, Technology Absorption, Benefits of Technology Absorption, Constraints in Technology Absorption, Issues Involved in the Management of Technology Absorption, Government Initiatives for Technology Absorption, Technology Life Cycle


Unit 8: Technology Transfer : Technology Transfer, Technology Transfer Process, Issues in Technology Transfer, Models of Technology Transfer, Traditional Technology Transfer Models, Qualitative Technology Transfer Models, Other Models, Technology Transfer Modes, Dimensions of Technology Transfer, Features of Technology Package, Routes/Channels of Technology Transfer, Code of Conduct for Technology Transfer, Government Initiatives for Technology Transfer, Technology Transfer Agreement


Unit 9: Human Aspects in Technology Management: Integration of People and Technology, Factors Considered in Technology Management, Organizational Factors, Psychological Factors, Organizational Structure and Technology, Impact of Technology on Human Resource Management


Unit 10: Social Issues in Technology Management: Social Issues Related to Technology, Technological Change and Industrial Relations, Implementation of Rationalization and Automation in India, Impact of Technological Change on Industrial Relations, Technology Assessment and Environmental Impact Analysis, Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA) Process, Guidelines on the Scope of EIA, Issues in the Preparation of EIA Report, Technology and Socio-Economic Planning


Unit 11: Growth of Technology and Marketing Chasm: Moore’s Law- History of Moore’s Law-Technology S-Curve, Technology Marketing Chasm


Unit 12: Inovation Technology: Innovation and Technology- Innovation – Technology Relationship-Types of Innovation-Innovation and Changes in Organization- Technology-based Innovation and Management, Innovation Performance- Factors- Principles- Measures, Characteristics of Innovative Work Environment


Unit 13: Selection and Implementation of New Technologies: New Technologies, Selection of a New Technology, Implementation of New Technology, Automation


Unit 14: Knowledge-Based Technology Management: Knowledge-Based Technology and Techniques- Knowledge Management Tools-New Tools for Knowledge Management- Knowledge Management Technologies, Role of Artificial Intelligence Techniques- A Primer on Artificial Intelligence Technologies- Expert Systems- Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)- Genetic Algorithms- Intelligent Agents, Knowledge Management Techniques for Technology Management