Communication Skills

Course Code: BCA214

Course Title: Communication Skills (4 Credits)




Course Contents


Unit 1: Language and Communication: Definition of Communication; Function and purpose of Communication; Process of Communication; Barriers of Effective Communication; Types of communication, Verbal communication, on-verbal communication; The Impact of Communication on Performance


Unit 2: Remedial English: Parts of Speech; Sentences; Subject-Verb Agreement; Active Voice and Passive Voice; Degrees of Comparison; Direct and Indirect Speech; Question Tags


Unit 3: Oral Communications: Advantages and disadvantages of oral communication; Improving oral communication; One-to-One oral communication; Oral Presentations


Unit 4: Listening Skills: What is listening; Types of Listening; Barriers of Effective Listening; Strategies for Effective Listening; Semantic Markers; Listening to Complaints.


Unit 5: Writing Skills: Note Taking; Paraphrasing; Elements of writing; Business Letter Writing; Other Business Communications


Unit 6: Organizational Communication: Communication in an Organization, Types of Communication; Meetings; Memo; Circulars and Notices; Report Writing; Principles of Proof Reading