Course Code: BIT103

Course Title: English (4 Credits)




Course Contents


Unit - 1: Vocabulary:  Use of Dictionary, Use of Words: Diminutives, Homonyms & Homophones


Unit - 2: Essentials of Grammar – I:  Articles, Parts of Speech, Tenses


Unit - 3: Essentials of Grammar – II: Sentence Structure, Subject -Verb agreement, Punctuation


Unit – 4: Communication: The process and importance, Principles & benefits of Effective Communication


Unit – 5: Spoken English Communication: Speech Drills, Pronunciation and accent, Stress and Intonation


Unit – 6: Communication Skills-I: Developing listening skills, Developing speaking skills


Unit – 7: Communication Skills-II: Developing Reading Skills, Developing writing Skills


Unit – 8: Written English communication: Progression of Thought/ideas, Structure of Paragraph

Structure of Essays


Unit – 9: Writing Skills: Note Taking; Paraphrasing; Elements of writing; Business Letter Writing; Other Business Communications


Unit – 10: Business Writing: Business Letter Writing, Types of Business Letter, Job application, Other Business Communication.


Unit – 11: Short Stories: Reading and Comprehension