Web System And Tecnology

Course Code: BIT402

Course Title: Web Systems and Technology (2 Credits)






Unit 1: Web essentials and standards: clients, servers, Markup languages, HTML, XHTML, CSS - Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets-Features-Core Syntax- Cascading and Inheritance- Text properties-Box Model, Normal Flow, Box Layout, Beyond the Normal Flow, Other Properties.


Unit 2: Host Objects: Browsers and the DOM- Introduction to DOM, DOM History,  Modifying element style, the document tree, DOM event handling, Accommodating Noncompliant Browsers, Additional properties of window.


Unit 3: Web Systems Architecture:  Architecture of Web based systems- client/server (2-tier) architecture, 3-Tier architecture, Building blocks of fast and scalable data access: - Caches-Proxies- Indexes-Load Balancers- Queues, Web Application architecture (WAA), Web Platform Architecture (WPA)


Unit 4: Representing Web Data: XML-Documents and Vocabularies-Versions and Declaration – Namespaces, JavaScript and XML, AJAX- Introduction, HTTP request, XMHttpRequest, AJAX server script, Ajax database.


Unit 5: Web Servers: Web servers –HTTP request types – System architecture – Accessing web servers- IIS – Apache web server.


Unit 6: Web Services: JAX-RPC-Concepts-Writing a Java Web Service-Writing a Java Web
Service Client-Describing Web Services: WSDL- Representing Data Types: XML
Schema-Communicating Object Data: SOAP Related Technologies-Software
Installation-Storing Java Objects as Files-Databases and Java Servlets.



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Guide to Web Application and Platform Architectures  By Ilia Petrov, Christian Meiler, Udo Mayer




Course Title: Web Systems and Technology (2 Credits)