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MAR 21, 2018


Academic Delivery
  • Prompt delivery of courseware & results
  • Easy fee payments with EMI options
  • Program semester fee :₹ 16,250


  • Learning with EduNxt, to supplement the SLM
  • Faculty sessions conducted for students
  • Ease of scheduling exam


  • SMU offers career-oriented programs via its Directorate of Distance Education, and these programs are delivered through self-learning study materials and online support.”

    Dr Ramdas M Pai Pro Chancellor

  • The course duration of SMU-DE’s Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) Program is a minimum 3 years (6 semesters) and a maximum of 6 years.

    The BCA distance learning Program:

    • Provides a substantial understanding of concepts in key areas of computer science.
    • Teaches professional competence in developing software and in its design and implementation.
    • Explains the analysis and synthesis involved in computer systems, information systems and computer applications.
    • Provides practical skills to address problems in computer systems and applications.
    • Teaches sound presentation and communication skills needed in the IT industry.

    The UGC-approved syllabus of BCA through distance education, is designed by veteran academicians in consultation with industry experts and specialists. It is constantly updated to reflect changing industry needs. 



    BCA distance education in India, is said to be an alternative to the traditional Engineering in Computer Science program. The course covers subjects like computer networks, programming languages, database management, multimedia, operating systems and so on.

    As BCA is a technical field, it helps to have a technical background apart from the ability to adapt to changing working environment. Your work may involve developing new software to ease the operations of the company, testing new software, integrating new software with the existing systems, and supporting, maintaining as well as documenting software functionality.

    After completing BCA through distance education, you can opt for a post graduate course (MCA) in the same subject. BCA distance learning offers several well-paying jobs in the form of Software Tester, Project Manager, Software Architect, Database Manager and so on. Alternately, you can also freelance or become an independent software developer or consultant.                  

  • 10+2 or Equivalent 

Semester Fee: ₹ 16,250/- (inclusive of Exam Fee ₹ 5,000/-), or as revised from time to time. Fees may also be paid one-time/annually. Please contact University for more details.

Having placed India on the world map, this field will continue to flourish and contribute heavily to India’s GDP. Robust economy and policies have seen Indian IT industry withstanding the global effects of recession in a large way thus paving the way for more investments in this field.

Industry/Organisations Careers

  • IT & IT Services Software Engineer
  • IT & IT Services Computer Programer
  • IT & IT Services Interface Engineer
  • IT & IT Services Java Developer
  • IT & IT Services Project Manager
  • IT & IT Services Information Security Analyst
  • IT & IT Services IT Consultant
  • IT & IT Services Data Modeler  


The Bachelor of Computer Applications Program offers a comprehensive and sound knowledge about the key areas of computer science and industrial computing.

First semester

Code Subject Credits
BCA111 Fundamentals of IT & Programing 2
BCA112 Programing in C 4
BCA113 Basic Mathematics 4
BCA114 Digital Logic 4
BCA115 Programing in C (Practical) 2
Total Cumulative Credits 16

Second semester

Code Subject Credits
BCA211 Operating System 4
BCA212 Data Structures and Algorithm 4
BCA213 Object Oriented Programing: C++ 4
BCA214 Communication Skiils 2
BCA215 Computer Organisation 4
BCA216 Data Structures & Algorithm using C++ (Practical) 2
Total Cumulative Credits  36

Third semester

Code Subject Credits
BCA311 Computer Oriented Numerical Methods 4
BCA313 Understanding PC & Troubleshooting 4
BCA314 Data Communication 4
BCA315 Soft Skill – Personality Development 2
BCA316 DBMS (Practical) 2
Total Cumulative Credits

Fourth semester

Code Subject Credits
BCA411 Computer Networking 4
BCA412 Java Programing 4
BCA413 System Software 4
BCA414 Principles of Financial Accounting and Management 4
BCA415 Java Programing (Practical) 2
BCA416 System Software Programing (Practical) 2
Total Cumulative Credits

Fifth semester

Code Subject Credits
BCA511 Web Design 4
BCA512 Visual Programing 4
BCA513 Software Engineering 4
BCA514 Elective – I 4
BCA515 Visual Programming (Practical) 2
BCA516 Web Design (Practical) 2
Total Cumulative Credits 96

Sixth semester

Code Subject Credits
BCA611 Elective - II 4
BCA612 Elective - III 4
BCA613 Project 12
Total Cumulative Credits 116


Elective - I (Choose one)

Code Subject
BCA5141 Compiler Design
BCA5142 Graphics and Multimedia
BCA5143 E-Commerce


Elective - II (Choose one)

Code Subject
BCA6111 Advanced Web Design
BCA6112 Open Source Systems
BCA6113 Cloud Computing


Elective - III (Choose one)

Code Subject
BCA6121 Knowledge Management
BCA6122 Software Project  Management
BCA6123 Supply Chain  Management


  • Placements