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Academic Delivery
  • Prompt delivery of courseware & results
  • Ease of fee payment with easy EMI options
  • Program semester fee : ₹ 16,250
  • EduNxt to supplement the Self Learning Material
  • Faculty sessions conducted for students
  • Ease of scheduling exam  


  • SMU-DE programs are ideal for professionals working in the field of allied health sciences, arts and humanities, IT and management who are eager to improve their performance at work."

    Laura Vatsala Assistant Professor- Department of Management Studies

  • SMU-DE offers Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) through its distance learning mode. It is among the top distance education Universities for BBA in India. The course duration is a minimum of 3 years (6 semesters) and a maximum of 5 years.

    The SMU-DE BBA Degree Program is UGC-approved. It is aimed at developing fundamentals of business administration and management among learners. The BBA subjects include Business Environment, Organizational Behavior, Business Strategy, Marketing Management, International Marketing and Entrepreneurship Management among others. These subjects in BBA help in forming a strong foundation for learners to take up higher management studies and/or lead global business organizations with efficiency and ease.

    The SMU-DE BBA syllabus is developed with inputs from industry experts and reputed academicians. It is regularly updated to ensure that the course content reflects the changing needs of the industry. The study materials are made available to all the learners at the beginning of the course in form of printed Self-Learning Materials (SLM). SLM form the core of the BBA Program and are also available in digital formats, accessible through EduNxtTM, an online learning platform.

    The BBA course offered at SMU-DE is designed for the targeted growth of the learners in the field of business administration and management. It teaches them:

    • Effective writing and interpersonal communication
    • To use information and technology effectively
    • To integrate and manage administrative systems
    • To apply contemporary theories of Organizational Behavior
    • Administrative functions like planning, organizing, staffing and control

    The promise of tech-powered academic learning is strengthened by the SMU-DE Learning App. The App allows learners to study on-the-go and helps them understand new concepts through easy-to-understand videos. It assists them through features like Summary Cards, Performance Tracker, Peer Quizzes, etc., which help track their progress throughout the duration of the course.

    Tech-powered learning, dedicated academic advisors, and a robust alumni network make SMU-DE one of the best distance education providers in India. It has also been awarded the ‘Best University in Distance Learning’ by ASSOCHAM INDIA. Learners receive constant support and handholding throughout the course from the dedicated academic advisors. These advisors help learners with their assignments, project submissions, and even in keeping a track of their course development.

    Information regarding BBA course fee and other BBA course details may be referred in the adjacent tabs and/or the sections below.

    Scope of BBA from SMU-DE

    A BBA degree from a top university in India can open up several job opportunities for the learners. It prepares them to start their career at the executive level in fields like Finance and HR. Based on the proficiency and hard work of the learner, a BBA degree can help the learner rise and grow quickly in the corporate structure.

    The rise in the number of applicants for BBA entrance exams suggests that there is a growing demand for BBA graduates in India today. Right from private firms to public organizations, there is a growing need noticed for professionals having completed their BBA through distance education in India, be it in Marketing or in Accounting. Hence, landing a job of choice becomes easier with a BBA degree in the bag.

    Learners may also opt for an MBA or post graduate diploma course after finishing their BBA through correspondence in India. It further boosts their skills and improves their chances of getting hired.

    SMU-DE is a leading University for BBA in India through distance education. The academic delivery of SMU-DE ensures that the learners are industry-ready and well equipped with the skills to grow in varied industries. Successful completion of the SMU-DE BBA Program helps the learners undertake different roles in business administration and management.

  • 10+2 or Equivalent

Semester Fee: ₹ 16,250/- (inclusive of Exam Fee ₹ 5,000/-), or as revised from time to time. Fees may also be paid one-time/annually. Please contact University for details.


The illustrious SMU-DE alumni network is a testimony to the excellence in the academic delivery of SMU-DE. Thousands of SMU-DE alumni are working with few of the world’s best multinational companies (MNC). An SMU-DE BBA Graduate stands a similar chance to shine in the industry. Few of the job roles that open up for them are: 

  • Sales Executive
  • Assistant Manager
  • Research Assistant
  • Marketing Executive
  • Account Executive
  • Office Executive
  • HR Executive


The Bachelor of Business Administration program offers a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of information technology used in business for interpersonal communication.

First semester

Code Subject Credits
BBA106 Communication Skills 4
BBA107 Organizational Behavior 4
BBA108 Business Environment 4
BBA109 Quantitative Techniques in Business 2
BBA110 Computer Fundamentals 2
Total Cumulative Credits 16

Second semester

Code Subject Credits
BBA206 Research Methods 2
BBA207 Business Strategy 2
BBA208 Financial Accounting 4
BBA209 Marketing Management 4
BBA210 Management Information System 4
Total Cumulative Credits 32

Third semester

Code Subject Credits
BBA305 Legal and Regulatory Framework 4
BBA306 Human Resource Management 4
BBA307 Quality Management 4
BBA308 Advertising and Sales 4
Total Cumulative Credits

Fourth semester

Code Subject Credits
BBA406 E-Commerce 4
BBA407 Management Accounting 4
BBA408 International Marketing 4
BBA409 Small Business Management 2
BBA410 Retail Management 2
Total Cumulative Credits

Fifth semester





Code Subject Credits
BBA506 Production and Operations Management 4
BBA507 Financial Management 4
BBA508 Economic Planning and Policies 4
BBA509 Taxation Management 2
BBA510 Entrepreneurship Management 2
Total Cumulative Credits 80





Code Subject Credits
BBR506 Store Operations and Job Knowledge 4
BBR507 Logistics Management 4
BBR508 Buying 2
BBR509 Visual Merchandising 2
BBR510 Warehouse Management 4
Total Cumulative Credits 80

Sixth semester





Code Subject Credits
BBA605 Technology Management 4
BBA606 Management Development and Skills 4
BBA607 Role of International Financial Institutions 4
BBA608 Project 4
Total Cumulative Credits 96





Code Subject Credits
BBR605 Modern Retail Management Process and Retail Services 4
BBA606 Retail Project Property Management and Case Studies in Retail 4
BBA607 Merchandising and Supply Chain Management 4
BBA608 Project 4
Total Cumulative Credits 96


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