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MBA In Human Resource Management

About MBA in HR Management

MBA in Human Resource Management (HRM) is a highly sought-after MBA specialization. It has evolved from being a course about recruitment, retention, pay and incentive setting, to a more rounded study of structured people management and human resource development. Effectively managing an organization's human resources has become a key factor in the success of public and private enterprises. This recognition has led to an increased demand for trained and qualified HR professionals. It has also caused the development of a career structure, built and nurtured around MBA in HR Degree Programs, which grows up to the highest levels in any organization.


SMU-DE’s MBA in HRM has been designed to impart a holistic understanding of the processes and functions of the human resource management. Apart from developing skills for foundation fields like Performance Management, Change Management, and so on, it also helps in developing skills for Human Resource Planning, Manpower Resourcing, and Talent Retention. A perfect mix of traditional as well as modern pedagogy, the Program includes subjects from HR Auditing to Employee Relations Management.


The MBA in HR syllabus is a well-rounded approach to help learners grasp the skill sets required to excel as an HR professional. While the first two semesters make the foundation of MBA, third and fourth semesters are dedicated to the MBA HR subjects. The course design stimulates multiple interpersonal relationship skills. It also develops skills to manage people in the form of a collective relationship between management and employees.


The final two semesters of the course carry a total of 32 credits, as detailed in the following section.


SMU-DE strives to make available industry relevant and regularly updated course content to its learners. The MBA HR syllabus, and the topics therein, are developed with inputs from industry experts and are constantly revised and updated with new and relevant case studies of successful HR practices.


Upon successful admission, the learners receive Self Learning Materials (SLM) in print form. They also get access to the SLM in digital formats through EduNxtTM, an online learning platform. Keeping with the promise of tech-powered academic delivery, the course is further enhanced by the SMU-DE Learning App.


The App helps the learners grasp new concepts through videos. It boasts of features like Summary Cards, Performance Tracker and Peer Quizzes among others, which help the learner understand the course better. With the help of these features, the learners are able to revise their lessons easily, are in command of their phased progress, and are exam-ready throughout the duration of the course. The App enhances the quality and effectiveness of education by allowing the learners to study on-the-go.

Course Structure

Third Semester
Code Subject Credits
HRM301 Manpower Planning and Resourcing 4
HRM302 Management & Organisational Development 4
HRM303 Employee Relations Management
HRM304 HR Audit 4


Fourth Semester
Code Subject Credits
HRM401 Compensation Benefits 4
HRM402 Performance Management & Appraisal 4
HRM403 Talent Management and Employee Relation 4
HRM404 Change Management 4

Scope Of MBA In Human Resource Management (HRM)

Human Resource Management (HRM) is a process of managing people in an organization in a structured and systematic manner. It is also concerned with the aspects of people enabling, people development, and a focus on making the ‘employment relationship’ fulfilling for both the management and employees.


SMU-DE Human Resource Management specialization in MBA introduces learners to the underlying academic disciplines in the effective management of human resources. It is ideal for those who intend to explore the theory, practice, and strategy of human resource management.


An MBA in Human Resource Management from SMU-DE not only develops highly skilled HR professionals, but also thinking minds who rise to the top of organizational pyramids, lead highly productive teams, and bring in value-based changes for constant improvement of HR practices across diverse industries.

Career Opportunities

Learners with a Masters in Human Resource Management from SMU-DE have been recruited by several well-known corporates for positions in the HR departments. The titles below are examples of jobs currently held by SMU-DE graduates:

  • HR Manager
  • HR Recruiter
  • HR Executive
  • Assistant Personnel Manager or Assistant HR Manager
  • Personnel Manager or HR Manager
  • Training & Development Manager
  • Employee Education Consultant
  • HR Entrepreneur
  • International Human Resources Professional
  • Human Resources IT Specialist