Human Resource Management Syllabus


Course Code: MB0043

Course Title: Human Resource Management  (4 Credits)





Course Contents


Unit 1- Introduction to Human Resource Management:  Introduction, Concept of Human Resource Management, Scope of Human Resource Management, History of Human Resource Management, Function of Human Resource Management, Role of HR Executives


Unit 2- HRM in India:  Introduction, Changing Role of Human Resource in India, Globalization, Its Impact on HR


Unit 3- Human Resource Planning: Process of Human Resource Planning, Need for Human Resource Planning, HR Forecasting Techniques, Successful Human Resource Planning


Unit 4- Recruitment and Selection: Concept of Recruitment, Factors Affecting Recruitment, Sources of Recruitment, Recruitment Policy, Selection, Selection Process, Application Forms, Selection Test, Interviews, Evaluation, Placement, Induction


Unit 5- Training and Management Development: Meaning of Training, Area of Training, Methods of Training, Concept of Management Development, Management Development Methods, Differences Between Training and Development, Evaluation of Training and Management Development


Unit 6- Employee Career Planning and Growth: Concept of Employee Growth, Managing Career Planning, Elements of a Career Planning Programme, Succession Planning


Unit 7- Performance Appraisal:  Concept and Need for Performance, Reviews, Overview of Performance Appraisal, Types of Appraisal Methods, 360 degree appraisal, Benefits


Unit 8- Compensation Management: Wage and Salary Administration, Managing Wages, Concept of Rewards and Incentives, Managing Benefits in Organisations


Unit 9- Job Evaluation: Concept of Job Evaluation, Objectives, Techniques, Advantages and Limitations, Introduction to Competency


Unit 10- Human Resource Information System: Introduction, Concept, Components, Types, Application, Implementation, Benefits, Impact, 


Unit 11- Job Analysis and Design: Concept of Job Analysis and Design, Process of Job Analysis, Methods of Job Analysis, Job Analysis Information, Concept of Job Design


Unit 12- Employee Misconduct and Disciplinary Procedure: Meaning and Objectives of Discipline, Principles for Maintenance of Discipline, Basic Guidelines of a Disciplinary Policy, Disciplinary Action – Penalties, Procedure for Disciplinary Action


Unit 13 - Grievance and Grievance Procedure: Concept of Grievance, Causes of Grievances, Forms and Effects of Grievance, the Grievance Handling Procedure, Need for Grievance Redressal Procedure


Unit 14 - Employee Welfare and Working Conditions: Concept of Employee Welfare, Welfare Measures, Types, Employee Welfare Responsibility, the Business Benefits of Employee Welfare Activities


Unit 15 - Emerging Trends in HRM: Competency Mapping, Business Process Outsourcing, Right Sizing of Workforce, Flexi time, Talent Management, Employee Engagement