International Business Management Syllabus

Course Code: MB0053

Course Title: International Business Management (4 Credits)




Course Contents


Unit 1: Introduction to International Business: Introduction, Introduction to International Business, Elements of International Business, Globalisation


Unit 2: International Trade theories and their application: Introduction, Why do nations trade, Theories of International trade- mercantilism, Absolute advantage, Comparative advantage, Heckscher- Ohlin, Product life cycle theory and Porter’s diamond model.


Unit 3: International Business Environment: Introduction, Economic Environment, Political Environment, Demographic environment, Legal Environment


Unit 4: Culture and International Business: Introduction, Meaning of Culture, Country Culture, and Culture in an International Business Organization


Unit 5: Foreign Investments- Types and Motives: Foreign investments, types of foreign investments, motives


Unit 6: Regional integration: Introduction, Overview of Regional Integration, Types of Integration, Regional Trading Arrangements, India and Trade Agreements


Unit 7: Global trade institutions: Introduction, World trade organization (WTO), International Labour Organisation (ILO)


Unit 8: International Financial Management: Introduction, Overview of International Financial Management, Components of International Financial Management, Scope of International Financial Management


Unit 9: International Accounting Practices: Introduction, International Accounting Standards, Accounting for International Business, International Regulatory Bodies, International Financial Reporting Standards


Unit 10: International Marketing: Introduction, scanning international markets, mode of entering into potential markets, Global Marketing Strategies, Branding for International Markets


Unit 11: International Strategic Management: Introduction, Strategic Management, Strategic Planning, Strategic Management Process


Unit 12: Ethics in International Business: Introduction, Business Ethics Factors, International Business and Ethics, National Differences in Ethics, Corporate Governance, Code of conduct for MNCs


Unit 13: International Human Resource Management: Introduction, International Organizational Structures, Introduction to International Human Resource Management, Scope of International Human Resource Management


Unit 14: Finance and International Trade: Introduction, understanding payment mechanism, Documentation in International Trade, Financing Techniques, Export Promotion Schemes, Export and Import Finance


Unit 15: Global Sourcing and Indian Industries structure: Introduction, What is global sourcing, Reasons for global sourcing, advantages and disadvantages, Challenges for Indian Businesses