Strategic Management And Business Policy Syllabus

Course Code: MB0052

Course Title: Strategic Management and Business Policy (4 Credits)




Course Contents


Unit 1: Introduction to Strategies: Introduction, Fundamentals of Strategy, Conceptual Evolution of Strategy, Scope and Importance of Strategies, Purpose of Business, Difference between Goals and Objectives of Business, Strategic Intent through Vision and Mission Statements, Core Competencies of Business


Unit 2: Strategic Management: Introduction, Strategic Management, Need, scope, key features and importance of strategic management, Role of Strategists in Decision Making, strategists at various management levels, Types of Strategies, Limitations of Strategic Management


Unit 3: Strategy Analysis: Introduction, Strategy Analysis and its Importance, Environmental Appraisal and Scanning Techniques, Organisational Position and Strategic Advantage Profile, Strategic Management Model


Unit 4: Strategy Formulation and Implementation: Introduction, Strategy Formulation, Process in Strategy Formulation, Strategy Implementation and its Stages, Reasons for Strategy Failure and Methods to Overcome, Strategy Leadership and Strategy Implementation, Strategic Business Units (SBUs)


Unit 5: Strategic Control and Evaluation: Introduction, Strategy Evaluation, Strategic Control, Difference Between Strategic Control and Operational Control, Concept of Synergy and its Meaning, Key Stakeholder’s Expectations


Unit 6: Business Policies: Introduction, Overview of Business Policies, Importance of Business Policies, Definitions of Policy, Procedures, Process and Programmes, Types of Policies, Business Policy Statements, Corporate Culture


Unit 7: Business Policy and Decision Making: Introduction, Factors Considered Before Framing Business Policies, Steps Involved in Framing Business Policies, Policy Cycle and its Stages, Implementation of Policy Change, Role of Policies in Strategic Management, Business Policy and Decision Making


Unit 8: Business Continuity Plan: Introduction, Concepts of Business Continuity Plan (BCP), Relevance and Importance of BCP, Steps in Business Continuity Plan, Business Impact Areas, BCP and its Influence on Strategic Management, BCP and its Influence on Policy Making, Contingency Planning


Unit 9: Business Investment Strategies: Introduction, Business Plan and Business Venture, Business Investment Strategies


Unit 10: Strategies for Multinational Corporations: Introduction, Multinational Corporations (MNCs), Benefits of MNCs, Limitations of MNCs, Business Strategies of MNCs, Techniques Employed by MNCs to Manage Markets, MNC, TNC and Global Companies


Unit 11: Strategic Alliances: Introduction, Strategic Alliances, Types of Strategic Alliances and Business Decisions, Problems Involved in Strategic Alliances


Unit 12: Role of Creativity and Innovation in Business: Introduction, Creativity, Innovation, Creating and Building Creative and Innovative Business Culture, Business Practices Adopted to Promote Creativity and Innovation, Importance of Creativity and Innovation in Business, Challenges Involved in Creativity and Innovation


Unit 13: Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility : Introduction, Ethics and Values, Ethical Conduct and Unethical Conduct, Impact of Ethical Conduct, Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR), Business obligations, Social Audit and Corporate Governance


Unit 14: Challenges in Strategic Management: Introduction, Strategic Management as an Organisational Force, Dealing with Strategic Management in Various Situations, Strategic Management Implications and Challenges


Unit 15: Recent Trends in Strategic Management: Introduction, Strategic Thinking, Organisational Culture and its Significance, Organisational Development and Change, Change Management, Models of Leadership Styles and its Roles, Strategic management in a new globalised economy