Course Code: MCA511

Course Title: Web Technologies  (4 Credits)




Course Contents


Unit 1: Web Basics- Introduction, Concept of Internet- History of Internet, Protocols of Internet, World Wide Web, URL, Web Server, Web Browser.


Unit 2: HTML- Introduction, History of HTML, Structure of HTML Document: Text Basics, Structure of HTML Document: Images and Multimedia, Links and webs, Document Layout, Cascading Style Sheet- HTML 4 style sheet features, Creating Forms, Frames and Tables.


Unit 3: Dynamic HTML- Introduction of DHTML- HTML vs. DHTML, Advantages of DHTML, CSS of DHTML, Event Handling, Data Binding, Browser Object Models.


Unit 4: XML Introduction- Introduction of XML- Some current applications of XML, Features of XML, Anatomy of XML document, The XML Declaration,   Element Tags-    Nesting and structure, XML text and text formatting element, Table element, Mark-up Element and Attributes, Document Type Definition (DTD), types.


Unit 5: XML Programming- XML Objects, Checking Validity, Understanding XLinks, XPointer, Event-driven Programming, XML Scripting.


Unit 6: XML Presentation Technology- Introduction, XML with Style Sheet Technologies- Concept of XSL, XML Schema, Importance of XML schema, Creating Element in XML Schema, XML Schema Types.


Unit 7: XML Processor- Introduction, Introduction of XML Processor- Components of XML processor, Concept of DOM and SAX, Introduction of Java Script, JavaScript characteristics, Objects in Java Script, Dynamic HTML with Java Script.


Unit 8: XMLHttpRequest-  Introduction, XMLHttpRequest, The XMLHttpRequest Object, Events for the XMLHttpRequest Object, Request Object for XMLHttpRequest, Response Object for XMLHttpRequest.


Unit 9: AJAX Introduction- Introduction, AJAX Introduction, AJAX Components, Handling Dynamic HTML with Ajax, CSS to Define Look and Feel, Understand the XML Mark-up, XMLHttpRequest.


Unit 10: AJAX using XML and XML HttpRequest- Introduction, Ajax Using XML and XMLHttpRequest, Accessing, Creating and Modifying XML Nodes, Loading XML Data into an HTML Page, Receiving XML Responses, Handling Response XML.


Unit 11: PHP Introduction- PHP Introduction, Structure of PHP, PHP Functions, AJAX with PHP, PHP Code and the Complete AJAX Example.


Unit 12: AJAX with Database- Introduction, AJAX Database, Working of AJAX with PHP, Ajax PHP Database Form, AJAX PHP MySQL Select Query.


Unit 13: Active Server Page- Introduction, Introduction of ASP, ASP – Variables, ASP Control Structure, ASP Objects’ Properties and Methods.


Unit 14: ASP Database Connectivity- Introduction, ASP Components, ASP Database Connection, ASP Scripting Components.