Object Oriented Programming

Course Code:  MIT108

Course Title: Object Oriented Programming (4 Credits)




Course Contents


Unit –1: Introduction to Java: Introduction, history of Java, Features of Java, Java Development Kit (JDK), and Security in Java.


Unit – 2: Java Basics: Keywords, Working of Java, Including Comments, Data Types in Java, Variables in Java, Using Classes in Java, Declaring Methods in Java, Code to Display Test Value, The main() Method, Invoking a Method in Java, Saving, Compiling and Executing Java Programs.


Unit – 3: Operators and Control Statements: Operators, Control Flow Statements.


Unit –4: Arrays and Strings: Arrays, String Handling, Special String Operations, Character Extraction, String Comparison, Searching Strings, String Modification, StringBuffer.


Unit – 5: Inheritance, Package and Interface: Inheritance, Packages Defining a Package, Understanding CLASSPATH; Interface- Defining an Interface, Some Uses of Interfaces, Interfaces versus Abstract Classes.


Unit –6: Exception Handling: Definition of an Exception, Exception Classes, Common Exceptions, Exception Handling Techniques.


Unit – 7: Streams in Java: Streams Basics, The Abstract Streams, Stream Classes, Readers and Writers, Random Access Files, Serialization.


Unit – 8: Applets: What are Applets?, The Applet Class, The Applet and HTML, Life Cycle of an Applet, The Graphics Class, Painting the Applet, User Interfaces for Applet, Adding Components to user interface, AWT (Abstract Windowing Toolkit) Controls.


Unit – 9: Event Handling: Components of an Event, Event Classes, Event Listener, Event-Handling, Adapter Classes, Inner Classes, Anonymous Classes.


Unit – 10: Swing: Concepts of Swing, Java Foundation Class (JFC), Swing Packages and Classes, Working with Swing – An Example, Swing Components.


Unit –11: Java Data Base Connectivity: Java Data Base Connectivity, Database Management, Mechanism for connecting to a back end database, loading the ODBC driver.


Unit – 12: RMI, CORBA and Java Beans: Remote Method Invocation (RMI), Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA), Java Beans.


Unit – 13: Networking in Java: Networking in Java, URL Objects.


Unit – 14: Java Server Pages and Servlets: Java Server Pages (JSP)- What is needed to write JSP based web application?, How does JSP look?, How to test a JSP?;, Servlets- History of Web Application, Web Architecture, Servlet Life Cycle.