At a time when there was no digital marketing to spread the word like rapid fire, Volkswagen was one of the few brands that did an exceptional job with their advertising campaigns. One after the other, they executed campaigns that are used as examples even today. While other brands advertised their cars with the usual “best car” slogans and models, Volkswagen dared to think out of the box.


Here’s a list of their most memorable ads –


  1. While other brands were advertising how big their cars were, Volkswagen went the opposite way and sold the concept of a small car. What made the ad appealing was the shock value






2. It spoke about the convenience of owning a small car and guess what, people loved it!



Via Flickr: lvsutton


3. Visual impact so strong, it made you stop and stare.




Via copyranter’s collection


4. This ad was simple, clean and immediately drove the point across- it’s as useful as a big wagon, but costs much less!



Via Flickr: hollywoodplace


5. They also made sure they kept their dealers happy.


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6. Bowled us over, this one!



Via Flickr: roitberg


7. This witty one liner did wonderfully at creating a lasting impact.





8. They didn’t believe in keeping things subtle. And it worked for them!



Via Flickr: lvsutton


9. They first called their car lemon. Then they went ahead and called it ugly. WOW.



Via Flickr: 23355531@N06


10. You need guts to say something this brutally honest. And it worked!



Via Flickr: x-ray_delta_one

This was a happy trip down memory lane. What’s your favorite?


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