If you’re a student, there’s a good chance that you dread the exam season. Exams can do this to the best of people! And to be honest, it doesn’t matter if you’re doing a full-time course in a college or a distance learning coursebecause who enjoys taking exams? The pressure gets even amplified during competitive exams like MCA or MBAwhich can leave you drained.


But all is not lost.


There’s some amazing inspiration coming your way. It’s inspiration from the planet’s mightiest heroes – The Avengers. In our past few blogs, we have discussed their epic superpowers and why they make for ideal SMU-DE students. So in our last Avengers special, let’s see what these superheroes can teach you about acing your exams.



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What can you learn from Hawkeye?


Clint Barton or Hawkeye is the expert marksman on the team. He’s so confident in his ability that he makes even the most complex trick shot seem like child’s play! He’s even gone on to say that he “just can’t seem to miss”!


What makes him so lethal? It’s actually because he has this unnerving ability to never lose focus of his target. Constant focus and a great awareness of the impending danger are two things which make him hit the bulls-eye during challenging times!



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Exam season is stressful, but remember to keep your eye on the target. Soon, you’ll find that it’s easier to drown out the distractions. Your goals will start becoming clear and you won’t feel compelled to achieve them, in fact, you will start feeling more motivated.


Tackling tough times like Captain America


Captain America was not always the fearless warrior we know him to be. He started off as a sickly chap, Steve Rogers, who was rejected by the military several times. He always wanted to do good and save people. He truly believed that he could do something to make a difference.



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Much like him, you too need to believe that you can achieve great things. So, if you’re going to attempt an exam in your correspondence course in Bangalore, make sure to prepare well with a positive frame of mind. Self-confidence is the key.


Hulk’s advice to you


Mild-mannered Bruce Banner was never one for confrontation, that was, until he turned into the Hulk after being caught in a gamma bomb explosion. The Hulk has superhuman strength, which is triggered by anger. The angrier he gets, the stronger he becomes.


So, when Banner is in the Hulk mode, nothing can stand in his way. He fearlessly takes on any enemy and any task given to him.



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Sometimes, it’s actually great to go into the Hulk mode, especially when it comes to stressful situations like exams. Focus on giving it your best rather than worrying about the results.


All in all, exams are not as daunting as you may make them out to be! Keep these tips in mind for your next exam and emerge triumphant like the Avengers. Good luck!


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