In the past few decades, students often imagined a life without classrooms, and distance learning education has made that dream a reality. But as the years passed by, students pursuing a correspondence course, surely be wondering what the future holds, and whether there will be developments to make learning even more exciting and interactive than before.

Well, there is some incredible news coming your way. Because the world of distance learning will change completely in the next few years. Education is about to get a whole lot more interactive, fun and accessible than ever before. That being said, let’s find out how exactly this will happen!




Classroom learning is mainly based on the guidance from the class teachers. We take information from them through various methods and then regurgitate. But, what if you as a student can guide the class on what to learn next? This is where self-directed learning is introduced. In this system of learning, platforms can give students guidance on what subjects they can learn and how to learn those at their own pace. This system of studying is completely based on discovery and interest around a loosely structured syllabus. The idea is to ignore the old patterns and manage the education through self-discovery, peer learning and identifying the right learning resources.


Self-directed learning





Virtual classrooms


Imagine waking up one day to realize that you have 5 minutes to attend your class. The students of today would be terrified by this prospect, but the student of the future just need to get up and plug in his virtual reality headset to attend his class! Once they do that, the teacher and the classrooms appear right in front of them - and they can proceed to learn the subjects at the rate they like!

But the magic doesn’t end there. The introduction of VR solutions will allow students to truly dive into experiential learning like never. Using VR, the world can be viewed sitting in a classroom, as students can experience different historical monuments, the workings of industrial machinery, or even a live business presentation meeting!





Standards to habits

What do we learn in school now? Do we ever use it in our daily lives? You can say yes to only a few subjects like Mathematics or Biology. What about geography or civics or history? The future will be about creating a critical thinking habit in every learning and moving away from standardized learning mechanisms. This critical thinking habit will equip these young ones to be better problem solvers and to take on an incredibly fast moving world more smoothly.

All in all, if you’re a student looking forward to distance learning, know that the future is a truly exciting one! Studying will no longer be restricted to staring at chalkboards and listening to teachers for hours together, but a more experiential adventure wherein you can learn whatever you want at a pace and a way that you like.



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