After months of preparing day and night for your BBA program or MBA course and giving your best, the exams are finally over. Everyone knows the uncontrollable feeling of joy after the end of exams. It feels like a ton of weight is taken off the shoulders.


All this while, your guitar was probably packed in the box, your bat picked up a layer of dust and all your favourite novels leaned into the shelf for a long nap. But now it’s time to pick them up all again and enjoy to the brim as you wait for the next session.


Fun and learning can go together  


The time between exams and results can get boring if there’s nothing much to gain from it. So we have handpicked a list of 5 things you must do while waiting for your results to come. By indulging in these activities you’ll prepare for the time ahead without giving up at all on the fun that you duly deserve.




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Pursue a hobby


Pursuing a hobby is one of the most gratifying ways to spend time. Be it a creative expression like dancing and painting or a satisfying fixation like collecting stamps or reading up about cricket, hobbies allow you to make the best of your time. Often, you may get better at your hobbies without even putting any noticeable effort.


An advantage of distance education is that you get the freedom to use your time judiciously. Students doing a distance education course in Mumbai, a correspondence course in Bangalore or just about anywhere, can also join a hobby place to meet new people and develop their communication skills.


Pick up a sport


While studying for long hours during exams may give you less chances to get into a physical activity, picking up a sport is a great way to get back in shape. Team games like cricket and football help you develop leadership skills. Individual sports like swimming, cycling and running etc. help you enhance your physical capabilities and in turn boost your confidence.  


Start setting out career goals


Long term career goals need early preparation. If you are passionate about a certain career, this is the best time to invest in it. If you want to become an entrepreneur and start your own business, begin working on your idea now. You can also read about innovative leaders like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs to draw inspiration.



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Join a course for upskilling


Sikkim Manipal University Distance Education offers many short-term courses that are perfect for learning new skills and getting a head start towards a long and fruitful professional life. As students, these courses also give a good idea of what the future professional life will be like on choosing a particular stream.  


Reward yourself with some fun activities


All work and no fun is definitely not a good life mantra. As a student, you have the freedom to enjoy long breaks which are rare in professional life. Use this time to travel and visit new places, expand your perception about the world and at the same time make life long memories to cherish.

While waiting for your results, stay positive and hope for the best. If you worked hard for it, chances are you’ll see it in your results too. If you are thinking about the next step, go through the different Sikkim Manipal Distance Learning courses that are offered in your preferred stream.





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