The holiday season is here, and soon enough, the Christmas cheer will lead to New Year celebrations. As cheerful as this time could be, for a distance education student, things could get hectic. Of course, there is nothing wrong in celebrating this festive season with your family and friends, but wouldn’t it be great if you could stay at the top of your studying game even during the holidays? Sounds good, right? Here is how you can do it!


  1. 1. Study while travelling





Whether you are going home or to a distant place to celebrate, you can study while travelling. One of the most convenient things about a correspondence course is that you don’t have to attend regular classes. You can study when you have the time, as per your convenience. So why not utilize the time spent travelling on studies? You won’t even realise where the travelling hours went by, and you will be able to enjoy your holidays without worrying about the looming course deadlines!


  1. 2. Inform your family/friends about your study plans in advance



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You can also manage your study time by letting your family and friends know about your study plans in advance. It will help your family and friends support you by scheduling the celebrations according to your study plan. For example, if you have to complete a specific section of your distance MBA course, you can ask your family to plan the celebrations as per your schedule. This will allow you to stay away from distractions and help you manage your time between studying and celebrating.


  1. 3. Schedule your studies to make free time





An ideal study plan helps you schedule your studies systematically so that you have some free time for yourself. For example, you can fix up an early morning or late night slot to dedicate time to your studies, while spending the rest of the day with your close ones.


  1. 4. Make it a family activity!



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We all like spending time with our loved ones, don’t we? Then why not involve them in your study schedule too? You can make studying a fun activity while spending quality time with your family by having them test your knowledge of your distance education course. To add a fun element to it, you can answer them within a time limit or in movie character voices. You can be creative in any manner and make your studying fun by including everyone around you. Such activities can be fun and will allow you to utilize your time effectively in a cheerful way.


All in all, studying during the holiday season can be a fun thing. All it requires is some thoughtful planning! Not only will it ensure that you join in on all the fun, but will also help you ace your exams!


What is your favourite way to stay focused and motivated during the holiday season? Tell us in the comments section.


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