Saluting the Diva


With beauty, brains and exceptional talent all put together to create a unique performer, Sridevi held the entire nation spell bound for almost 5 decades, both on and off the screen. The sudden and unexpected demise of Bollywood’s very first female superstar shook everyone in the film industry.


Did you know? Sridevi had an illustrious career spanning over 45 years with 264 films. In her dazzling career Sridevi was nominated for 10 Filmfare Awards out of which she won five. In 2013, the Government of India awarded her the Padma Shri.


Considered a legendary actress, she had men fawning over her, women inspired by her beauty and kids emulating her dance moves.


She may not be with us anymore, but she left many invaluable life lessons for all of us to follow and achieve more in our lives. Let’s pay our tribute to Sridevi by learning from her illustrious and noteworthy career.




  1. Master multiple skills


Sridevi started her career as a child actor at the age of four, appearing in several Tamil films. As her career evolved, she invested into learning different art forms and creative skills to dominate both Bollybood and the South Indian film industry. Sridevi was master of all trades and jack of none. A brilliant dancer trained in Bharatnatayam and Kathak, an extremely versatile actress, good at comic roles and serious roles alike. She was bubbly and fun in Chalbaaz and Mr. India, and soul stirring in Chandani and Sadma.


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  1. Expand your market


Sridevi started off with Tamil cinema. But she was destined to rule every corner of India with her impeccable performance in almost every language. Sridevi starred in about 63 movies in Hindi, 62 in Telugu, 58 in Tamil and 21 in Malyalam. She virtually worked with almost every leading director and actor from her era. She was considered as one of the few divas that had the potential to deliver blockbuster hits without any strong male lead actors.


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  1. Create strong and fruitful partnerships


 Sridevi is known to have her career getting a kick off with her partnership with Jeetendra in Himmatwala. Throughout her career, she worked with many talented actors like Kamal Hasan, Anil Kapoor, Sunny Deol etc. to create record smashing hits.


Having talented and ambitious people by your side is a great advantage to your career. As by working with them, you not only create exceptional results, but also pick good habits and professional skills that are useful throughout life.


  1. Work-life balance


 For many actors that turn celebrity and hit the stardom, managing fame and striking work-life balance is one of the toughest challenges. No one else but Sridevi can be a guiding figure to those struck hard by fame.  After marrying Boney Kapoor in 1996 and giving birth to her two daughters Jahnvi and Khushi, Sridevi took a sabbatical and took over the role of a responsible parent who is always there to care and provide for the children.


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  1. Trust yourself and be evergreen


Making a comeback for many actors is a hard task. While many struggle to work with smaller banners and low budget films, Sridevi set an example by thriving in such conditions and staying evergreen. Her applaud worthy roles in movies like English-Vinglish and Ma were able to breathe life into the character that she played, thereby proving that talent never wears out.


Subtly, Sridevi teaches us that if you can trust yourself and believe in giving out your best every time, nothing can stop you from reaching the sky and creating an illustrious and evergreen career like hers.


Achievements live on.


Sridevi will always be in our hearts, wall posters and our TV screens. Constantly reminding us that her contribution to cinema if far from over. As many upcoming actors and fans will draw inspiration from her career and life to excel in their own.


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