‘Mompreneur’ is a term coined to address determined mothers who have made a professional come back from a mommy sabbatical. They are the ones who have given birth to ambitious business ideas while raising their babies.


As per a BBC report covering over 1000 women in Delhi, only 18-34% women continue working after having a child. So it’s truly incredible that the mompreneurs mentioned below have struggled against the odds to rise so high.


So irrespective of whether you’re pursuing a management related distance education course in Mumbai, or a correspondence course in Bangalore, you too can find inspiration for your entrepreneurial dream thanks to the encouraging stories presented below.


To get started, here are the stories of five highly successful mompreneurs



Meena Bindra – Founder of BIBA


BIBA is a favorite among Indian women for its original and highly aesthetic ethnic fashion. Meena Bindra turned her boredom into a creative business idea by designing clothes from her house in Mumbai while looking after her two children.


Today, BIBA is one of the leading ethnic fashion brands in India and is all set to make its mark in the international market. A business venture that started with Rs. 8000 taken as a loan has a turnover in crores today. Meena Bindra’s advice to every aspiring mompreneur is that if you have the passion, just go for it!




Garima Satija – PoshVine


Having worked with biggies like and Ozone Media, the idea of becoming a mompreneur never struck Garima. One day while trying to furnish her own need to discover offbeat travel and dining experiences, Garima came up with the unique idea to sell curated experiences. She started her internet venture called PoshVine in 2011 focusing on Indian market and now offers more than 5000 curated experiences while catering to brands across six countries. She says it was initially hard for her to split her time between being a mom and an entrepreneur, but now she’s an expert mompreneur striking the right balance between both the equally important roles.


So, if you’re pursuing a managerial course in a distance learning university like Sikkim Manipal University of Distance Education, the art of prioritizing tasks and multitasking are two skills to brush up on!




Suchi Mukherjee – Limeroad


We’ve all seen the bold and creative Limeroad commercials on TV. Little did we know that this unique business venture was an idea conceived by a mother of two while she browsed through an ad in a magazine. Having worked with eBay and Skype before, nurturing a business idea with confidence was easy for Suchi.


Limeroad’s unique business model runs on 100% user-generated content. Suchi says that on Limeroad anybody can become a stylist and sell their products to make money, which makes it a unique business model.




Source: indianwomenblog


Amrita Vaswani – Bumchum


Many mothers must have come across the idea of starting a baby care product line that is chemical free and safe for babies. But only a few have dared to turn this idea into reality. Amrita Vaswani is one such mompreneur, who from her own experiences and needs, has created one of the leading baby care brands called Bumchum.


Amrita’s first attempt at entrepreneurship was back in 2013 when she started off with a modern cloth diaper, but felt it wasn’t going to be a hit. Hitting the bull’s eye with a better product on her second attempt in 2017, Amrita launched diapers that were chemical-free as well as biodegradable, thereby creating a perfect product for a baby as well as the environment. She feels a good family support system is vital for mothers to take up the challenge of juggling between motherhood and work.




Niharika Verma – BonOrganik


It is said that motherhood often makes women appreciate their relationships even more. Something similar happened with Niharika, inspiring her to start a unique relationship clothing brand called BonOrganik. What started as a small business idea turned high in demand with over 10,000 orders and a turn-over of Rs 1.4 crore per month!


Niharika believes her brand is loved by families as it helps them appreciate their relations even more. Niharika feels being a mompreneur, she’s lucky to involve her little daughter in her work. She even takes her to meetings, photoshoots and sourcing clothes.


Baby steps for mompreneurs


So, if you are a budding entrepreneur pursuing a BBA or MBA degree, all you need to do is take baby steps in the right direction. Small and steady progress will boost your confidence and allow you to experiment with your approach as an entrepreneur, just like these amazing mompreneurs!


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