It’s appraisal time again, which means all your hard work will be noticed and you will be rewarded for it! While an appraisal is a standard procedure followed by companies, it may or may not do complete justice to all the hours you stayed back working hard in the office. However, if you think you have given the company a lot in the past few months and don’t want to wait for the annual appraisal, you can be upfront and ask your manager for a raise.


However, asking your boss for a pay raise or a promotion can be a difficult task. We have listed out five clear reasons, which indicate that you have worked hard and are worthy of a pay raise.


  1. Your skills


If you believe in learning for growth, then you probably have a rare skill set. Whether you’ve completed distance learning courses or full-time courses, let your manager know that your skills add a lot of value to your project or team. Stress on the fact that not everyone in the company can do your job and hence you deserve a raise.


  1. Your contribution to the company’s profit


There is nothing that can prove your worth more than cold, hard evidence. List out the ways in which you have helped the company make a profit. Mention your contribution in the profit and the direct or indirect results of your work after you joined or after your last raise. Be prepared with examples and analysis to show that you deserve a raise.


  1. Your responsibilities have increased


With all the downsizing that’s been going on, you’ll often find yourself doing the work of more than one person. If this is the case, or you’ve just been overloaded with additional responsibilities, it’s time to ask for a raise. Show that you’re willing to contribute when needed. However, make it clear that you wish to be compensated for the extra effort.


  1. Your compensation is not equal to the value you bring


If you feel that your work genuinely merits a raise, and your peers are getting paid more for doing less, you need to speak up. Check job websites or newspapers, and ask your colleagues to get a fair estimate of how much people at your level are getting paid. Some companies are strict about revealing staff pay. In such cases, be careful about the source of information.


  1. You have been awarded or have been made a great offer


When you receive any award for excellent performance, it’s time you use this to your advantage. When you know that you’re doing something better than your peers, let your manager know this too. The main reason to ask and get a raise is when an external company offers you a lot more money. This is another great way to assess your value and get a raise.


Don’t be afraid to ask for a raise just because of downsizing or cutbacks. If you’ve been looked over for a raise in more than two cycles, you should bring it up. Your boss can always try to work something out if you have proven your worth to the company.



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