Someone once said “do what you love and you will never work a day in your life’. Most people read this and guffaw at the thought, dismissing any notion of ever having only great days at work. There are a lucky few who do live by the quote. Whichever category you belong to, there are ways to make a job pleasant, engaging and a place to flourish. Who knows, you might even begin to love it.


So if you are pursuing your MBA or BBA course, and are wondering how to have the perfect professional life, you will have to acknowledge that there cannot be a one-size-fits-all formula. However, there are ways to ensure your work life can be as close to perfection as possible, and below are six ways in which you could fall in love with what you’re doing!


  1. 1.Having a long term plan


While opportunities may strike when least expected, it is always good to have absolute clarity about what your job profile is and what your long-term career plan is, whether in the company or industry. A good three, five or ten-year plan/goal will give you direction and something to pursue at work.


  1. 2.Taking up online courses in related topics


With the advent of distance learning coursesdistance education and online courses, learning alongside a job is easier than ever before. Knowledge is power and will give you the edge over others. Enrolling in courses related to your work will keep you engaged in your work and also abreast of all the latest trends and developments in your field.


  1. 3.Work environment


You spend most of your waking hours at work, you may as well ensure that your workspace is a positive environment and one where you want to spend 8-12 hours in every day. The presence of sunlight and fresh air will also help rejuvenate. Creating a warm, homely work environment could also help.


  1. 4.Good work-life balance


There is some truth to the famous quote about a dull boy named Jack, who works all day. Humans are social beings. Taking time off from work and pursuing other things like fitness, quality time with family and friends, and hobbies brings about stability, keeps you more engaged at work and makes you enjoy it better. So don’t sideline these aspects while trying to excel at work.


  1. 5.Good team


Loving your work holistically includes having a good bunch of people collaborating with you and supporting you. Having a team where people communicate freely and motivate each other and help each grow will make work much more exciting.


  1. 6.Introduce small changes


Identifying your weaknesses or vulnerabilities and addressing or changing whatever is possible, may help you love your work. Trying to not react to or be bothered by frustrating habits of your colleagues or taking breaks from work to play a game or going on small retreats with colleagues outside of work may be some ways in which you could make your work something you look forward to doing every day.


So, ensuring a great work life requires a bit of planning, but the benefits are immense, to say the least. It can have a positive effect on your productivity, which would eventually benefit the organisation as well.



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