Justin Trudeau’s cameo as Canada’s president is glamour and glory in equal parts. Boldly representing views that are contrasting to Canada’s intimidating big neighbor, the United States, Justin Trudeau is setting up examples in leadership that many young and open-minded people are inspired to follow. A social activist, a reformer, a man who isn’t perfect and doesn’t hide his vulnerability, there are many qualities that set Justin apart from other leaders.


Taking up the top job for his country wasn’t easy for Justin after a 10-year term by Conservatives under the command of Stephen Harper. Many Canadians were open to giving a chance to a fresh face. Justin Trudeau has proved time and again that they made the right choice by electing him for the top seat.


Let’s look at how Justin fares at being a great leader amidst the tense and unfriendly political weather across the world.


Five leadership lessons from Justin Trudeau



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Embracing diversity


Justin’s recent visit to India was neatly captured on social media with him visiting the Golden Temple with his family. Seen as a strategic move to win hearts of the large Sikh community back in Canada, it also showed how he was open and welcoming to other communities who wanted to join hands with him in taking Canada forward. His cabinet consists of an equal gender proportion, with half of its members being men and half being women. It consists of Aboriginal and Sikh members too. Trudeau believes that his approach to having a great team is to surround himself with brilliant people.



Being humane


While the United States is planning to impose laws that discourage immigrants coming to their land, Canada is setting an example for the world by doing just the opposite. Justin opened his heart and doors for the terror-struck Syrian refugees to show his humane side of leadership. In a tweet that put hope back into humanity, he said


Humility is the groundwork for creating a world with no terrorism and Justin took a courageous step by tackling terrorism in an entirely unique way. In yet another example, Justin also brought the focus back on delicate topics like feminism and gender quality to boost social reform in Canadian society.


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Be yourself


As a leader, it’s important not to portray a personality you are simply not. While many world leaders feel the pressure to live up to a certain leadership trait, Justin gracefully destroys all such presumptions. His resume is oddly filled with roles like being a teacher, a bouncer at a nightclub, snowboard instructor and a social activist. Though much of his confidence is associated with his father, Pierre Trudeau, who served as the most popular Canadian Prime Minister, Justin has his own distinct leadership qualities benefiting his role as Canada’s leader.


Be transparent and accessible


A great quality every leader must possess is to win the trust of people who come with a different opinion. It is nearly impossible to have a scenario where everyone agrees to the same viewpoint. Having the ability to collaborate with opposing parties and come up with solutions that benefit everyone is a remarkable trait displayed by Justin. By being transparent, accessible and open-minded Justin Trudeau is known to carry out constructive conversations with those who disagree with him.


Live up to your words


PM Trudeau’s election manifesto roughly outlined over 200 promises. After more than two years of leadership, he’s been able to keep more than he’s broken while some of them are still in the process of being delivered.


Justin is been admired by the Canadians for living up to his words and delivering his promises through his actions. Some of the most notable achievements of his tenure are restoring long-form census, increasing funding for student grants by up to 50%, providing support and security to international scientists, and having a cabinet with an equal number of men and women.


Rewriting history


If Justin Trudeau will be remembered for one thing, it will be for setting leadership examples for other countries to follow. You can also enhance your leadership skills with MBA distance education from Sikkim Manipal University MBA and excel in your career by becoming an excellent leader.


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