Dealing with your examinations can be a stressful experience with the rising pressures of a highly competitive world. Students are judged on the basis of their performance in examinations which adds to the pressure. Being stressed, however could negatively affect you, and needs to be curbed right from its onset. Here are a few trips for de-stressing during examinations.


Positive Distractions


Take your mind off things when you are not working. There are plenty of options available for children of this generation, from books to films, television shows, playing sports and so on. It is a vital technique used by professionals to sustain longer periods of concentration. Your mind needs to be relaxed in order to absorb and retain greater volumes of information.


Time Management


If you can create and adhere to a strict schedule, you will feel better and in greater control of your preparations for your examinations. By maintaining a steady routine and knocking down portions of your work load on a daily basis, you will feel more confident as the days’ progress during your preparations.


If there’re major cricket matches or sporting events such as EPL, F1, NBA etc. scheduled during your exams, create a schedule that helps you maintain a balance between cricket and studies. After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.


Quantify your progress


Human beings are highly visual animals. We respond better to visuals in any form of communication. Make sure you are able to visually track your progress in terms of chapters completed and examinations appeared. Using charts, markers and even post-it notes can assist you in this activity.


 Reward Yourself


It is important to create a system of gratification that will support you and motivate you to sustain working day-in and day-out. Always reward yourself with something you enjoy after each study session.


Sleep well


A tired mind is an unhelpful mind. It will require greater attention and energy to absorb information. Make sure that you are getting plenty of sleep and that you are not compromising on your 8 hours of sleep to make up for laziness during the day.


 Stay Positive


The right attitude can surmount even the most tumultuous of tasks. Life is full of examinations, treat the one you are taking as just one in many. Nothing can substitute hard work and preparation. So put in your due diligence and put away your examination worries.


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