Distance education is a chosen mode for studying further, especially for those who are working. Advancing your educational qualifications not only adds to your resume but also shows that you are indeed committed to your work and always looking at ways to get better at it. Add to that it doesn’t take time away from work which is advantageous to you and your employer. But can distance learning guarantee a promotion? Surely, if your goal is to get promoted with the help of an added degree there are some tips you must apply:


Take up relevant courses to further your qualifications


Before you choose your course, be up-to-date with current policies, business and practices of the organization. The distance learning course that will help you with a promotion has to be relevant either to what you are doing or an important one for the organization. Getting a degree in finance when you are in software development might help you understand your finances better but to get a promotion in your team you need to do something related to software development or to management- like project management or even an MBA.



Apply and showcase your new found knowledge



The great advantage of distance learning for working professionals is that you can still do it while you are working. The best way to hint at a promotion would be to apply your new found knowledge practically to your daily work or to important projects. Make sure that once you are well practised, you showcase your knowledge to your seniors as well so that they can see the benefits of you being further qualified. The advantage to work has to be clearly visible, and what you are applying should be measurable so that your credibility and competitiveness are highlighted.



Make it official 


Add your course as part of your appraisal as well as personal development plan documents to make it official. By doing this you are informing your manager of why you are studying and how this education can help the team reach their objectives.



At the end of the day what counts is your fulfilment of objectives. Look at various ways to make sure that your new degree is resulting in something substantial so that you become a sure-shot candidate for getting promoted at work if you aren’t one already.



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