2018 is about to end, and the new year is upon us! It’s a fresh start, and so everyone of us has a chance to start from ‘Zero’ again, to make the upcoming year heroic!

Also, speaking about ‘Zero’, Shah Rukh Khan’s new movie provides inspiration in incredible doses. It’s the story about a person who isn’t bogged down by physical limitations and proves that the confidence to succeed is all that it takes to be a winner.

Right then, let’s take some inspiration from King Khan’s latest release and find out how it can help you bring out the best version of yourself.


It’s all about the right attitude


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In Zero, Shah Rukh Khan plays the role of ‘Bauua Singh’, who is a 38-year-old man from Meerut diagnosed with dwarfism. His height was the big reason for his struggles to find a suitable life partner, but his courage and happy-go-lucky spirit is what endears him to everyone.


Ultimately, he finds a life partner and gets the chance to be a part of a special Mars mission program. This proves that if you have the right attitude, you can succeed no matter what.


So, if you’re pursuing a distance education course in Bangalore in MBA, or a correspondence course in Mumbai in MCA, just know that when things are going tough, a positive attitude can help you power through.


Hard work is the key



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In the movie ‘Zero’, Bauua Singh falls in love with Aafia Bhinder, a NASR scientist (a fictionalized depiction of NASA), who has been living with cerebral palsy. However, he gets rejected by her after confessing his feels.


Consequently, Bauua uses this setback as a platform to succeed. He enlists in a program recruiting human volunteers to be sent to Mars on a rocket. And so, after painstaking training and getting help from one of the applicants, Bauaa gets selected for the project.


Accordingly, if you’re pursuing a BBA or BCA correspondence course, do know that hard work will help you overcome tough times during your course, and will help you succeed eventually.


Talent can triumph over any limitation


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In the movie, Aafia Bhinder, played by Anushka Sharma, is another character who fights against the odds to succeed in life. She has been living with cerebral palsy through her life, and moves around in a wheelchair, while finding it hard to express herself through verbal communication.


However, this does not stop her from succeeding immensely. Aafia uses her intelligence to become a senior scientist at NASR (a space research organisation),and is highly respected amongst the NASR community.


This goes to show that if you believe in your talent, you can overcome any limitation!
Distance education students will do well to understand that we all have our fights in life, but the key point is to understand how one can overcome them by understanding one’s true potential.


All in all, whether your goal for the next year is to succeed in your course and capture a great job, you have your tools set. 2019 gives you a brand-new canvas to succeed, and with the lessons above, you can truly reach great heights!



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