The Nun, the latest instalment of the Conjuring series released worldwide on September 7, with fans of the series eager to test the limits of their courage yet again. The previous four instalments of the Conjuring series are still remembered for their brilliant story-telling and direction.


But apart from the chills and thrills that the series gives us, there are some not-so-scary lessons that lurk within the movies. The success of the franchise is backed by brilliant marketing strategies, which also serve as incredible lessons for all BBA and MBA students.

Right then! It’s time to look beyond the terrifying plot of the movie and find out how and why this blockbuster horror franchise has remained successful.


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Sticking to a winning formula


The makers of the Conjuring series have found a winning formula of combining good story-telling, which is often deemed to be a ‘real life story’, with a good level of direction and special effects, and they’ve have stuck to it. They’ve also realised that giving the audience a ‘jump-scare’ is the best way to make a good horror movie and have not deviated from it.


Conducting thorough research before launching a product



As taught in many MBA programs, it is essential to conduct market research to understand what the target audience needs and design the product or service accordingly. The makers of the Conjuring series ensured that they did their homework during every step of the movie-making process, right from the pre-production, production to post-production stage.


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Excellent marketing strategies


The makers of the Conjuring series use some of the most innovative ways to market their movies. They entice their audience by releasing scary and frightening trailers and teasers.


The makers have adopted some unique methods to market their movies. For example, during promotions of The Nun, a YouTube ad for the film was played wherein the volume bar keeps going up and down, before going to mute. After about one second, the character Valak jump scares the viewers with a deafening roaring sound.


Although the ad was banned by YouTube for violation of its “Shocking Content” policy, this ad and its subsequent ban garnered ample attention for the movie. Pretty cool right?


What’s more, during the premiere of the movie in Dubai, several hired actors dressed up as the nun were seen walking amidst innocent moviegoers scaring the wits out of them.  


‘Nun’ of these lessons should come as a surprise!


Even though you might not realise it, there are plenty of management lessons you can take from everything around you, even your favourite horror franchise. Identifying what your audience likes about your product and capitalizing on the same is vital in terms of a marketing strategy, and this is something that the makers of the series have done brilliantly!


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