Things were a little different thirty years ago – people finished their education, got a job and worked that one job for the rest of their lives. They worked hard and they get promoted. They climbed up the ranks in their company slowly and may or may not have reached the top by the time of retirement.


Today, we live in a world where things move fast – money, cars and work. People no longer work at one place for their entire life. They want change, they like to dabble in new streams and they love new experiences. And they want to climb the corporate ladder as fast as they can – not necessarily in a hierarchical order.


With several top-notch universities such as SMU-DE offering distance education programs, many are opting to pursue their post-graduate degrees via distance mode, while working. This helps them save up on their precious time and climb the ladder faster.


Keeping up with rapid change is important. Success in the work front no longer resides in your comfort zone, but it lies in the strategies and pace with which you climb the social ladder. Below, we have listed the top 5 things every working person must know to climb the corporate ladder:


  1. Networking:


Networking is one of the basics of building a strong foundation of mutually beneficial relationships with people in the industry. People need contacts to be in the loop of affairs throughout. Although it may feel awkward at first, without contacts in the industry, it is almost impossible to grow.


  1. Getting Noticed:


As important as networking and socialising is, showing up at social events is just not enough. Recruiters look for people with qualities that make them different. Creativity is the key here. Getting noticed for your uniqueness is what will push you to the top.


  1. Hard Work:


It is important to give it your best all the time. There is no substitute for effort. You might have to make some sacrifices, but they will lead you to the top of the ladder.


  1. Skill Set:


To work your way up the corporate ladder, it is important to have the right educational qualifications and skills. Thankfully, with distance education universities and correspondence courses, it isn’t that hard to upskill and make yourself a desirable candidate for your dream job.


  1. Strategize:


Climbing the corporate ladder is not a one-step process. It requires constant effort, which includes upskilling your education in the field, cooperation with your colleagues, bringing in a new project to the company or even finding a mentor within the organisation. So it is important to consider all the factors to develop an effective strategic plan to accomplish the ultimate goal.


Incorporate the points mentioned above in your work-life and you will climb up the corporate ladder in no time. As a distance education student, you have the perfect mix of work and study, so use it to your benefit and rise above others!



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