Healthy living is contagious, when you start practicing these tips at your workplace, you’ll notice your team members following suit. Have fun and discover how living healthier at work is rewarding.



Did you know that sedentary jobs are believed to be one of the biggest contributors to poor health across the world? On the other hand, a good seating posture can contribute to increased stamina and energy. With that in mind, we have listed the top workplace wellness tips so that you can beat unhealthy office traps and live a healthy life!



Comfortable Computing: If you’re going to spend nearly eight hours in a day – sometimes probably more – staring at your computer monitor, it’s time to introduce some healthy habits for computer usage. Don’t position your monitor closer than 20 inches or 50 cm from your eyes. Keep in mind that larger screens require larger viewing distance. It is also recommended that you rest your eyes from time to time by focusing on any other object about 6 meters away. Ensure that the top of your keyboard is on the same level as the height of your elbow.  To keep your hands and wrists relaxed, it is recommended that you use a wrist rest besides your computer or laptop.



Good Posture: The overall benefits of a good posture are many for the busy professional. It prevents backache, muscular spasms and as well as headaches. You have to sit upright as much as possible while at work with your shoulders down and your back right back into the chair. Your knees should be bent at a right angle and your knees should be approximately at the level of your hips. Some of the back problem warning signs that you need to watch out for are, difficulty in standing up after you have been sitting for a long time, leg pain with numbness, weakness or a tingling sensation, or even pain in your hip, thigh or foot.



Breathing Right: There’s no doubt that good breathing is a major component of good health. The first step towards breathing right is to pay attention to it. The muscle beneath your rib cage, your diaphragm, is key to good breathing. When you breathe with your diaphragm, you can feel it pushing down into your belly. Inhaling long breaths deliberately for some time during the day is also a great way to breathe right.



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