2.0, the sequel of the immensely popular Robot, is making waves in the country with its upcoming release this month. Cinema theaters in Tamil Nadu will be running a special morning show for the highly anticipated movie.


Have you wondered why every Rajinikanth’s movie release is celebrated like a festival? Or why his devoted fan following is ready to quit everything at hand and watch his movie on the very first show of the first day?


From bus conductor to Thalaivar

Here’s the answer. While Rajinikanth’s reel character guarantees a blockbuster performance on the box office, it’s his real character that draws a fan following in millions. The backstage of his illustrious career is a story of a common man and his struggles, failures and breakthroughs, and a memorable journey from being a bus conductor to becoming the biggest star in India.


What can you learn from it? Whether you’re pursuing a distance education course or battling it out in the professional world, know that struggles are a part and parcel of life! If you’ve extra activities to juggle with your distance learning course, know that struggle and hard work will lead to great success.


1) Struggle is a stepping stone


Did you know that Rajinikanth’s real name is Shivaji Rao Gaekwad and he started off his career as a bus conductor in Bangalore?  


Rajinikanth didn’t sign the biggest banner or get a leading role to begin his film career as an actor. His first tryst was a small role in a Tamil film which faced initial hitches prior to its release but went on to win three National Film Awards. Rajini was able to pack a punch and deliver even in a small role which drew him critical acclaim.


Following a dream isn’t a cakewalk. It is full of struggles and testing times. Making the most out of even the smallest opportunity can be the difference between make and break. Every struggle is also an opportunity to prove your capabilities. So if you’re pursuing a distance learning course in Mumbai or a correspondence course in Bangalore, remember to give it your all in every small endeavour.

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2) Be willing to learn new skills


Rajini is counted as the second highest paid actor in South Asia after Jackie Chan according to an article in NDTV. While Jackie can do a flip on a bus top, Rajini has his own magic with flicking sun glasses and cigarettes. Throughout his career, Rajini invented and nourished his own style by including new tricks and stunts and investing time into learning and mastering them. Can you imagine anybody else cutting a bullet with a knife other than Rajini?


Learning a new skill is the best investment of time in student life. Do you think learning has only to do with your academic curriculum? Solving a Rubik’s Cube can help you understand mathematical principles too while giving you some cool tricks to impress your friends with.

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3) Take failure in your stride


While the Rajinikanth of the internet meme world can teach failure how to succeed, the Rajini of real life has delivered some colossal flops as an actor and producer. Rajini had to take the entire loss on himself after the failure of Baba, a 2002 fantasy action movie. Kochadaiiyaan, the high budget animated film directed by Rajini’s daughter Soundarya also tipped over and fell flat.

Rajinikanth’s failures are better addressed as bold experiments. He tried a different approach and took failures in his stride. Failing at best is finding out what doesn’t work.


Rajini is an actor, producer, philanthropist and a politician in making. He doesn’t let struggle and failure bring him down in any of his avatars. His life lessons may not be covered in MBA syllabus, but he is a living case study to learn from.


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