Christmas is around the corner, and we’re sure you’ve already started getting the festive feels. The thought of Santa Claus, gifts and celebrations can add some cheer to anybody’s spirit!


However, celebrations and gifts aren’t the only takeaways from Christmas! There are a lot of lessons to be learnt from Santa Claus when it comes to the art of planning. Also, this is especially true if you are a distance education student because Santa Claus is a master at efficiently utilizing his time, which is something that most distance learning students struggle with!


What’s more, Santa doesn’t just plan well. He’s got his bag full of tricks, which he utilizes to ensure that every Christmas is a hit. These tips and tricks are actually so useful that Santa could enroll in a distance education course, and ace it completely! Don’t believe us? Here’s how and why Santa Claus would be the ideal distance education student.


1. He strategizes meticulously


Santa Claus has a plan of action for every Christmas. He makes sure that everyone’s specific skills are used up to their potential. Work is allocated to the elves based on their best skills, efficiency and their style of working.


As a distance education student, you too can learn to plan meticulously. Just take inspiration from Santa Claus! You can divide your study schedule in a precise and planned way to improve your overall efficiency. Diving into studies without a plan is never a good idea.


Do you think Santa Claus manages Christmas celebrations all around the world without a plan? Take a cue from Santa Claus and start planning your studies meticulously. You will soon see great results in your performance!


2. He prepares throughout the year for the big day



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Santa Claus doesn’t plan his gift delivery schedule overnight. For him, every single day of the year is an opportunity to strategize and work things out. It’s just like a student preparing for the final exams conducted by distance education universities.


Devise a preparation plan with set goals. For example: Tell yourself that you will finish studying a particular subject by the end of the month. Santa has a plan, and so he lays out achievable objectives, and utilizes all available resources towards achieving these goals. Since he has to cover a huge area, he relies on a flying sledge to execute his responsibilities for the day. All gifts are sorted, packed and loaded on time. And as you can see, he never fails; and nor will you, once you start preparing thoroughly for your goals!


3. He believes in the power of team work



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Santa Claus works with his team of elves and reindeers to accomplish what he’s set out to achieve. Together, they are able to identify children (nice and naughty) and make a list of what they want and then deliver on it.


You too can achieve success in your studies by utilizing the power of group studies: if you have friends who have also taken a correspondence course, you can meet and study in groups, read aloud the chapters and hold a Q&A session too. Just like Santa, you will better manage your studies if you have help from your friends or any of your family members.


All in all, with his knack for getting things done on time, and his ability to stay focused throughout the year, Santa Claus is truly an inspiration for distance education students.


Wish you all a Merry Christmas!


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