Interested in finance? Or love everything digital? Then you must have heard about bitcoins! Even though bitcoins have been around for quite some time, this cryptocurrency has recently taken the world by storm. What’s truly remarkable here is that critics have been forecasting its downfall for the longest time, but it has fought against all odds to become a resounding success.



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What you should know about bitcoins


When the concept of bitcoin was designed and introduced by an unknown Japanese person/group in 2009, it emerged as the world’s first decentralized digital currency. This means, it is not controlled by any government or bank. So, every electronic purchase or transfer made using bitcoins is tallied on computer systems, with cryptography enabling security and anonymity.


Just like a regular currency, the value of a bitcoin fluctuates depending on the market supply and demand. In the early years, one bitcoin was worth $1. Since then, the cryptocurrency has dealt with several highs and lows. However, recently it did the unthinkable – it crossed the $18,000 mark. Those who invested a few dollars in it in its early days have turned into millionaires today!


The rise of bitcoins has been truly remarkable, and there are many lessons you can learn from it! So here’s what the success story of bitcoins can teach you: –


Rise above criticism


This year alone, the value of bitcoin shot up by 900%. Unbelievable, right? However, it also faced criticism, with many notable experts predicting its fall. Due to the volatile nature of this currency, it has always been viewed with skepticism.


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However, bitcoin is revolutionizing the digital world today. Its rates are soaring and a growing number of public figures as well as organisations are investing in it. Similarly, while pursuing a distance MBA or BBA correspondence course, don’t lose your cool when things don’t go right. Understand that negative feedback can be used productively, allowing you to you reach your full potential. Take criticism constructively and your bitcoin moment will soon follow.


Risk-taking leads to success


Here’s a cool story to inspire you. A high school dropout, at the tender age of 14, invested $1,000 in bitcoin, and guess what? He is now a millionaire! The key point here? Have an appetite for taking risks. When bitcoins first came out, it was an untapped market and investors saw this as the perfect opportunity. Today, they reap what they sowed!


Similarly, if you decide to take up a distance learning course now, which might not be necessarily related to a trending subject, but is something you believe you will do well in, do take it up!


Know when to make the right move


This new age currency is complicated to wrap your head around in one go. If you invest in bitcoins today, there are chances of incurring a loss if you are not aware of the market. Successful investors are always updated with the current market scenario. They do not necessarily jump into current trends, but wait for the exact moment to buy or sell.


Similarly, for your career growth, knowing when to make the right move makes all the difference. If you’re planning to take up a distance MBA or MCA course for your post-graduation degree, have a look at the job market dynamics, and decide whether you would like to take it up right away or after gaining some experience.


In an age where government currencies are ruling the roost, no-one ever thought that a digital currency would reach such heights of success. The investors who believed in its strengths are having a great time now, and this right here is the key to success: Believe in what you do, have patience, and work in the right direction.


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