The time has come to say adios to 2017. You might be feeling nostalgic or you might be in a celebratory mood! However, to all the distance learning students out there, this is actually one of the best times to be super productive!


There is a lot that can be done before the end of the year. You can chalk out your plans for 2018 so that you can approach things in a timely manner. So before you walk into that happening New Year’s party, check out these five amazing tips to help you have a stress-free party and a rocking new year ahead!


  1. 1. Chalk out a study calendar


Now is a great time to discover the Picasso in you! How so? You can come up with a creative study chart. Make your distance learning course exciting and organized at the same time. Take a copy of your syllabus, divide it into sections and make daily targets. Schedule your revisions for the weekends. This systematic, disciplined plan will help you complete your correspondence course in time.


  1. 2. The art of goal setting



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A plan without goals is like a journey without a destination. Do you think that having a calendar without fixed goals is of any help? You can start by setting a target related to the percentage you want to achieve in your exams. Also, based on this factor, you can determine the amount of studying required, and consequently the number of hours you will need to finish each of your course subjects from your distance learning course.


  1. 3. Learn new methodologies for studies



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What do you do when you want to lose weight? You take it one day at a time right? Because you can’t expect to lose 5 kgs in a day.


Similarly, the Kaizen (Japanese word meaning change for better) methodology focuses on continuous improvement. It recommends focusing on consistent improvements instead of one-shot changes. In the long run, small and continuous improvements fare better than attempts to make more significant, but sudden changes.


You need not proclaim grand and difficult resolutions. Instead of targeting to complete the syllabus in 3 months, focus on improving your concentration power by a few minutes every day. You will finish learning a considerable portion of your course.


  1. 4. Start building your brand



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Write down your name and think – what are my unique skills that make me stand out? Also, try to think how you can define your personality, communication skills, ideas and past achievements. Basically, create a brand of your own. You can start communicating your brand through social media. Have a personal PR strategy for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Communicating your brand will establish a recall amongst people who know you. So be ready; design your resume around these strengths and brand. It will help you go a long way professionally.


  1. 5. Find your ‘why?’



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Although it’s a long, time-consuming activity, discovering your motivation and purpose, and finding the reason behind all your actions is critical. This gives you clarity and makes decision-making simpler. Look back into your life, see patterns in your behavior to analyze your actions. The resulting self-awareness is crucial for your personal and professional success. Start thinking today and the next year shall be more fulfilling than this one.


All in all, the time you have before the new year begins can be put to great use. Chalk out plans, set goals, and you will enter the year feeling motivated and inspired. Oh, and you will have a lot of fun in the festivities too because all that stress will have been taken away by effective planning!


Have a fulfilling 2018!


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