Have you come across an ad campaign that changed the way you look at brands? It’s safe to say that you must have because everyone loves a campaign touches hearts. The best campaigns usually have a great underlying thought, with which the audience can relate to instantly.


The cool thing about these thoughts is that they make you realise one thing: Marketing is all about forming a great connection. The stronger the connection, the more people are likely to take notice of it. In this way, people end up talking about their own experiences related to the underlying thought, and consequently, the brand also gets a lot of good publicity.


It’s time to get inspired now because these ten brand campaigns will surely change the way you think about marketing.


  1. 1. Ariel Matic – #ShareTheLoad


This ad campaign spoke about how things like washing clothes is not just a woman’s job. One of the ads showed the father noticing that his daughter, who is a working professional, has a lot of tasks on her hand. So he decides to help her out, and share the load, by performing the laundry duties in the house.


By the way, did you know that this ad went so viral that even Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, praised the ad by saying that the ad helped in changing stereotypes. It revealed that a world where both men and women are equal, would definitely be a better world. We couldn’t agree more!


You can check out the ad here: http://bit.ly/1T1931d



Source: Rewardme


  1. 2. Meri Maggi- Me and Meri Maggi


To celebrate 25 years in business, Nestle India created a campaign that captured the imagination of both adults and kids. They asked fans to share their stories and since these stories were funny, moving and relatable, the audience instantly connected with them.


You can check an example of the awesome ad campaign here: http://bit.ly/2Ai9bn7


Source: Hissly


  1. 3. Surf Excel- Daag acche hain


This ad celebrates what it’s like to be a kid. It stresses upon the fact that stains aren’t bad, especially if they happened for good reasons. Also, the ad conveys that a stain is not something to be stressed about, and irrespective of how the clothes got stained, Surf will get them sparkling clean again.

Check out the cool ad here: http://bit.ly/2j2bCTr


  1. 4. Idea cellular: What an Idea


 The Lowe Lintas team came up with this idea, and boy did it become a hit! They understood their audience, which was rural India, and used their message to showcase that everyone’s opinion counts. Since they were reaching out to help the rural population, the campaign created a positive image for the brand, and in turn, helped create massive publicity.


You can check out an ad from the Idea campaign here: http://bit.ly/2AGQVH5


Source: Myonlinerecharge


  1. 5. Vodafone ‘ZooZoos’


If you’re pursuing an MBA or BBA course from Bangalore University, you’ll probably come across the famous ‘ZooZoo’ Campaign, while going through your case studies. You remember those cute white creatures, don’t you? They were made to promote Vodafone’s value-added services and the ads turned into quite a rage.


The end result? Every time you thought of ZooZoos, you thought of Vodafone’s value added services. This campaign on a whole helped create massive brand awareness for Vodafone across the country.


Check out a cool ad featuring the ZooZoos here: http://bit.ly/2AjDn19


Source: Rediff


  1. 6. Fevikwik- Todo Nahi Jodo


This ad was very well thought of and tugged at our heart. The ad was about how a good Indian soldier uses Fevikwik to fix a Pakistani soldier’s shoes to save him from embarrassment.


Since there has been perpetual tension between India and Pakistan, this ad tried to extend a hand of friendship. This initiative was widely respected by everyone, and helped create a positive brand image.


Check out the amazing Fevikwik ad here: http://bit.ly/2AGRdh9


  1. 7. Fortune Oil- Ghar Ka Khana


To surprise audiences, Fortune didn’t talk about their brand at all. They showed a grandmother’s love for her bedridden grandson, and that there is nothing as good as home-cooked food.


The brand stirred emotions like never before and achieved great success via strong brand recall.


You can check out this heart-warming ad here: http://bit.ly/1pf2NjO


  1. 8. Coca Cola – Small world


 Coca Cola placed vending machines in malls in India and Pakistan as a part of this campaign. These smart machines dispensed free Coke cans, as long as you, and the friend you made in the other country, were willing to do the fun tasks the machine gave you. This campaign left everyone with something to smile about, and created a positive image of the brand.


Check out the video here: http://bit.ly/1h5IuBB


  1. 9. Center Fresh – Zubaan pe rakhe lagaam


 Center Fresh ads have always been funny, and this campaign was no different. The idea was to show how chewing gum can keep your mouth busy.


So basically, if your mouth wasn’t busy, you would end up saying something foolish. ‘Think before you speak’ was the idea behind the campaign, and the youth absolutely loved this idea.


You can check out an ad from the hilarious campaign here: http://bit.ly/2AeVJCs


Source: Indiantelevesion


  1. 10. Happydent White


Who doesn’t remember those teeth, which were so white that they replaced lights! This funny take on the teeth whitening chewing gum made the ad and the brand an instant sensation.


Check out the awesome video from the Happydent campaign here: http://bit.ly/1UCEMUs

Source: Mbaskool


All in all, ads can inspire us, motivate us, amuse us and most importantly, they have the power to bring us together. You would have noticed in each of the above ads that they don’t necessarily promote the brand directly, but go with an idea with which people can connect. This is a great lesson in the art of marketing.


So if you are interested in displaying your creativity in the field of marketing, you could start by pursuing a BBA or MBA course, which would help you understand the dynamics of marketing. Also, these courses don’t necessarily have to be time-consuming. If you would like to pursue other academic interests at the same time, you can take up these programs from recognised distance education universities.


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