There are numerous distance learning courses and correspondence courses that can help your career. However, what if you were to find the best career advice by looking at someone who has been the legend of his field. Yes, we are talking about former Zimbabwean cricketer Andy Flower. Here are some professional tips from his career.


  1. 1. Set high standards


 The miserable condition of Zimbabwe’s cricket board was a deal breaker for many other cricketers, but not for Mr. Flower. He had set his standard so high that he became one of the greatest cricketers of all time. He scored 4,794 runs in 63 test matches.


Lesson for distance learners: Whatever the conditions, you must always aim high. Anything on the path will not affect you if you are focused enough to achieve your goals.


  1. 2. Master a state of relaxed intensity


 You may have faced situations where nothing appeared to be going your way. Andy teaches that a state of relaxed intensity is needed to tackle such situations. For example, if you choose a distance learning course in Bangalore, you should master a state of relaxed intensity to utilize the course to its full potential.


In September 2001, Andy made 142 runs from 200 balls against South Africa in the first innings. He later asked his team to follow on and went on to make unbeaten 199 runs in the second innings across 10 hours. This state of intensity mixed with a relaxed mind helps tackle every difficulty you face in your life.


  1. 3. Have an open mindset


Innovation forms the base of a successful career. Andy Flower still holds the record for the highest ever test score of 232* made by a wicketkeeper-batsman in an innings. His techniques are considered as the starting point of innovation in the game.


The lesson to be learnt is that you must consistently think out of the box regardless of the field you are pursuing, which could be a course in BBABCA or MCA from distance education universities.


  1. 4. Be relentless in your commitment


 If you are looking for distance education in India, you can learn a lot from Andy Flower’s career. His tireless dedication to perfection is what led him to achieve the crown of being one of the best team directors of all time. He led England as a team director to two Ashes victories and a T20 World Cup championship. He proved that goals can be achieved through hard work and consistency. His relentless commitment was something that made him successful both as a cricketer and as a coach.


  1. 5. Be modest and humble


 Andy was ferocious and relentless on the field, but modest and humble off the field. He is also the ambassador of a charity called Hope for Children. He was also appointed as the Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 2011, but continues to be one of the most humble persons the sport has seen.


Lesson to learn: Despite everything you achieve in your life, what will influence the people around you the most will be your modesty and genuineness.


Our favorite cricketers can inspire us in more ways than one. Whether its college life or professional life, we can pick up lessons on leadership, hard work and ambition from them, and Andy Flower is undoubtedly someone we all can learn from. Which other famous personality would you want us to cover? Tell us in the comments section.


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