Are you a die-hard football fan? Then you would have been bitterly disappointed with Italy failing to qualify for the 2018 World Cup! Even if you don’t directly support them, you can’t deny that the 2018 FIFA World Cup just won’t be the same without them. This is especially, true because they have been four-time winners of the FIFA World Cup and have not failed to qualify for the event in over half a century!


However, you can’t say it wasn’t coming. The incapability of making the 2018 World Cup is attributed to a domino effect of missteps that could have been avoided with care and scrutiny.

As a distance learner in Bangalore, you can learn a lot from the failure of one of the greatest football powerhouses in the world.


Lesson 1: Prepare for the long term to avoid surprises


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One of the main reasons for Italy’s failure was lack of preparation. The appointment of Gian Piero Ventura, the team’s manager is said to be the reason for the downfall. There was a lack of long term thinking as to how the coach would take his team forward.


Just as Italy failed to prepare appropriately, a lack of strategy in an exam could lead to poor results. As a student, preparation before a major academic event is important. If you follow a good strategy, failure is definitely on the horizon. So planning and following a schedule is important as distance education students often tend to lose track of time. This is especially true when you’ve taken up a distance MBA course or BBA course in Bangalore, as you would probably have to balance a lot of extra-curricular work with your academics.


Also, when you plan carefully and meticulously, there is a high chance of success. Following a route that is unsure and unplanned can lead to poor results.


Lesson 2. Lack of strategy is a sure-shot blunder



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Another reason for their major downfall would be Italy resting rather over-confidently on its past achievements. Seems surprising to you? Then here is something you should learn: being as successful as it was in the past, Italy seemed to have haphazardly put together a weak strategy, right from the appointment of a weak coach to the choice and order of the players going in.


Similarly, a student who has done steadily well in the past, could just as easily end up with poor results in an exam if confidence overrides preparation. Several students who opt for a correspondence course do not strategize well and often end up with poor results. Misplaced confidence can lead to extremely surprising results, ending in failure just as Italy shocked the world with its inability to make it to this year’s World Cup.


Lesson 3. Don’t wait for the right moment


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Italy could have also avoided this major catastrophe had they taken the right action at the right time. By the time Andrea Belotti and Stephan El Shaarawy were given a chance to save the game, it was too late. What can you learn from it? That performing well as a student has a lot to do with giving it your all whenever possible, especially in the final exam.


Just as Ventura made the mistake of ‘waiting for the right moment’, many students fail to reach their ultimate potential. They do this by letting opportunities pass by and not maximizing their capabilities.

All in all, Italy’s failure to qualify can serve as a good wake-up call to you, especially if you are slacking off in your academics. So stay alert and stay prepared. Good luck!



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