With a plot touching issues such as the flawed Indian judicial system, as well as terrorism and police corruption, Jolly LLB 2 makes for a riveting watch. Also, with its power-packed performances and meaningful storyline, it also serves as much more than just another amusing Bollywood comedy-drama.


In fact, the underlying messages drawn from the film are apt for those seeking to develop their professional skills. So let’s dig deeper and uncover some of these messages.


 Always maintain your integrity

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 Akshay Kumar who plays the role of Jolly in the movie, is a struggling assistant lawyer who aspires to have his own chamber. He deceitfully convinces a lady named Hina that her case would be passed on to his senior lawyer provided she hands him a large sum of money. Jolly fulfils his dream of having his own office. On discovering the truth, Hina commits suicide.


Filled with guilt, Jolly takes it upon himself to fight Hina’s husband’s case and does not rest until justice has been served. The story ends with him winning the case. However, the crucial point here is Jolly’s switch from a villain to a hero.


The main point here is to uphold your integrity while seeking success. Let’s say you’re in a workplace. It helps to be honest, while remaining confidential about certain matters. If you are fresh out of college or have just completed a distance learning program, remember that companies seek employees who not only understand right from wrong, but also those who practice it.


 Work hard through pressure



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Throughout his quest for justice, Jolly is tasked with endless challenges. For instance, he has to overcome sharp shooters sent out to kill him, deal with corrupt police, etc. but all of this only motivates him to emerge triumphant.


You should know that while nobody may be out there to kill you, there might be a point in your career that will tempt you to give up. As a future professional, prepare in advance for these stressful moments and infer the best strategy to cope with high work pressure. It could be taking a short break, asking for help, learning to control your mind, etc.


For those who have recently completed a distance BBA or MBA degree, the possible career options are plenty, but so is the workload. A highly sought-after skill today is the ability to handle pressure effectively.


Have thorough knowledge about your profession



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 Jolly wins his case in the movie not only because of his perseverance, but also due to his thorough knowledge of the system, including every loophole. In the beginning, his laid-back attitude is partly due to this awareness. Gaining knowledge is necessary, but staying updated specifically with the happenings in your profession/industry is vital to go up in your career. This does not mean you ignore learning about other fields, it simply implies to pay more attention to your area of expertise.


So whether you are pursuing your course, which could be from a distance learning university or a correspondence course, you should know that you can pick up inspiration from many facets of life. Most people consider Jolly LLB2 to be just an entertaining movie, but it has a deeper meaning than what appears on the surface. Which other movie would you like us to focus on? Tell us in the comments section.


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