Don’t we all love movies? They keep us entertained, they help take our mind off the stressful elements around us, and they even inspire us!


Whether you are trying to find some peace as a professional or are feeling a burn out after studying for your distance learning course, here’s a nice tip for you. Watch some inspiring movies!


By trying this tip out, you can rest your mind and replenish your motivation. So, get some popcorn, dim the lights and enjoy this handpicked movie list exclusively meant for you!



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  1. 1. Good Will Hunting


Good Will Hunting will inspire you by showing that miracles do happen if you are ready for them. The story revolves around a math genius named Will Hunting who works as a janitor at the revered MIT. He secretly takes up an open mathematics challenge on the notice board and solves it. The maths professor catches him and helps him reach his true potential.


A great watch for students preparing for BBA or MBA, the movie will inspire you to believe in your talent and personal abilities. It will help you shine when the opportunity strikes.


  1. 2. 21


21 is yet another story that revolves around the geniuses from MIT. Ben, a young student at MIT is discovered by the secret Black Jack MIT team that is led by an unorthodox professor Mikey Rosa. The team uses their mathematics skills to make a quick buck at the casinos in Las Vegas.


Bringing in the dangerous aspects of gambling, the movie shows how talent alone is not enough to survive; you also need a good moral foundation. Watch this movie with a little pinch of salt and only take what’s good out of it.


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  1. 3. I am Kalam


The film is a true example of the victory of human spirit. The plot is built around a poor boy named Chotu who runs away carrying nothing, but big dreams. Chotu befriends a lonely prince.


One day while watching television with the prince, Chotu learns about A. P. J. Abdul Kalam and gets inspired by him. Chotu makes up his mind to meet his idol by taking up a writing contest under the name of his royal friend. He wins the contest but is unfortunately misunderstood as a thief. His quest to meet his role model is marred by unexpected challenges, which he ultimately overcomes to get admission in the same school as his friend.


The movie teaches that no obstacle is big enough when you are determined to reach your goal.


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  1. 4. Black


Truly an emotional masterpiece, Black is an inspirational story about the achievements of a girl who cannot hear or see. The movie celebrates the beautiful relation she shares with her teacher, who becomes her eyes and ears and helps her explore the world with a newly discovered confidence.


  1. 5. The Challenger Disaster


Have you watched the viral video on Facebook that shows a physics professor putting his life at risk by standing in front of a swinging ball to prove the laws of physics? Richard Feynman is one of the most popular physics professors of our time.


The movie is based on his investigations around the crashing of the Challenger space shuttle. The truly inspirational movie shows how Richard completely devotes himself armed with nothing but sound knowledge to prove the greatest minds at NASA wrong.


Feeling charged up and ready again? Try applying the lessons from these movies into your life and see the difference for yourself!



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