Just as the best of superheroes arm themselves with weapons, a successful distance learner can use productivity tools to reach the next level of success. After all, distance learners need to stay motivated and need to stay connected with their peers in the best ways possible to truly make the most of their extra time.


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So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of productivity tools that can help you ace your correspondence course for the win, Here’s a quick list of super useful tools.

1. WeVideo

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WeVideo lets you collaborate with fellow classmates or a friend to make informative videos about topics that interest you. In the process engage in deeper learning and giving yourself the creative outlet of expressing your ideas in your way. For example, if your distance MBA project is about the marketing strategies of a company, you can whip up a video showcasing the ads, images, etc. related to the strategy in no time, and share it with your friends or teachers.


2. Scribble

Not only is it the perfect tool to save all your research on the cloud, but it also helps read the meta data of all your saved data and create the most comprehensive research library that will come in handy for citations, creating a bibliography and choosing the right style of citation (APA, Chicago, IEEE, etc) in your research papers. Scribble also lets your friends collaborate with access to the cloud, thus making group projects that much easier.


3. Dipity


Ever cursed your luck while studying historical events? Fret not, Dipity’s timeline tool is just the perfect place where you can visualise all the events in chronological order with pictures and text boxes that explain each event in as much detail as you like, thus making your life easier and making learning more enjoyable.


4. Asana


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Got too many assignments and too little time before your finals? Then Asana would help you map out all your assignments and keep track of them for you. With web and mobile apps, all your submissions dates are handy. Group assignment? Add your classmates to your asana board and see your productivity soar.


5. Pomodoro

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Distracted often? Or are you simply taking too long to get something done? Then use the Pomodoro tracker.  It’s been proven that breaking down bigger tasks into bite sizes of 20-25 min of focused work, helps you finish faster and reduces anxiety. So next time you got that big essay to write, turn on the timer and get cracking!

All in all, these tools should help you get started for your year of online learning. Whether it is an MBA course or any other distance learning course, you now have your choice of weapons to wage your battle!



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