As mentioned in one of our previous blogs, there are different types of individuals who take part in a Group Discussion (GD); quite similar to any family gathering. The dynamics of the GD maneuver according to their actions, reactions, contributions, or the lack of it. It’s undeniable that a lot of your GD experience depends upon them, whether it be a nightmare or a king’s ransom. Broadly classified below are 6 types of personalities that hold significance in your selection or elimination from a GD.


The Signal Pouncers:


Hardly does the signal turn green, and these individuals pounce on the topic to put forward their points, much before others can share their opinion. Though this ensures that their views are not already spoken off by someone else, being the initiator also brings in the great responsibility of being relevant and concise, giving others their due chance.


The Arguing Firebrands:


In an ideal GD scenario, there will be candidates who sometimes tend to forget that GDs are discussions and not debates. Hence, they will be bent on negating everyone else’s statements to put forward their own ideas, expecting for their firebrand to be appreciated.


The Smart Photocopiers:


The third type of candidates are the ones who always try to support what someone else is saying and just present it in a different way, most of the time without even adding their own views at all. It is true that they succeed initially, but has been generally noticed to get tangled along the course.


The Pseudo Moderators:


In a GD scenario, some individuals fail to understand that they are participants and not the moderator, and thereby start questioning others in the group about everything, which even the actual moderator won’t do. It is also possible that some of these individuals overdo the role of questioning to showcase their involvement and attentiveness in the discussion.


The Silent Spectators:


The most common type of individuals in any GD would be the introverts, who would be more or less silent throughout the session. Either they have always been introverts, losing their tongue in front of unknown individuals, or they have no idea about the topic of discussion. It is extremely rare for these people to ultimately get selected if they do not manage get over their initial uneasiness and contribute whatever they can.


The Motivating Leader:


These individuals are the most successful in GD scenarios. They not only recognize and appreciate the spirit of a GD, but also help in structuring it with their impressive oratory, logic, and general awareness but also guide the discussion throughout.



GDs are kind of similar to wobbly relationships that might or might not succeed, but involves a lot of dreams and drama. You might look professional, get involved in an engaging discussion, and come out thinking that you’ve done profoundly well, only to be shocked by the results — a NO! Since there’s no way you can know the topic of discussion beforehand, it always helps to have prior knowledge of the character types you are going to meet, and thereby prepare yourself to handle each on their own way.


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