There is an amazing vacancy at the Nasik electricity board. The board is looking for an individual who knows the ins and outs of the bill management software. Sameer, one of the residents of the city Nasik, matches the job profile like the last piece of a puzzle. Unfortunately, his regular graduation schedule is not allowing him to even catch a peek of the job form. “Had I been involved in a distance education program, I would’ve surely cracked the job interview with flying colors,” says Sameer with a wave of disappointment on his face.


There are many young and energetic souls like Sameer who wish to take up jobs to support themselves financially. They in turn want to contribute towards the development of the nation. However, their tight and hectic learning schedule doesn’t give them the freedom to do so. But if you have such an idea or job opening in mind, pledge to go for it this Independence Day.


Here are 9 ways distance education lets you help the nation:


  • Take up an important job:


    It is said that time is on your side when you opt for distance learning. Any job that makes a positive contribution towards the GDP of the nation is an important one. With flexible studying hours, you can take up a job of your interest and contribute towards the nation’s overall development.


  • No need to resign from your current job:


    You can continue If you are already contributing to the growth of the nation, you can continue to do so when you opt for a distance education course. It doesn’t follow a stringent morning to evening schedule and allows you to fulfill other commitments.


  • More skilled individuals lead to more development: 


    By taking up distance education you are not just upskilling yourself and enabling yourself to earn more, you are also expanding the country’s ‘skilled’ workforce which makes a greater contribution to the GDP of the country and in turn its development.


  • Indulge in a sport:


    Ever wished to represent the nation in international sports competitions but had to drop the idea because of studies? Well, a distance education program can give wings to your dreams by allowing you to practice your sport and represent the country, without dropping your educational aspirations. This ultimately helps the country send out stronger contingents to global sports competitions.


  • Convenient education medium for women: 


    There are a plethora of women who are forced to drop-out of colleges and made to marry before they can complete their education. Distance education courses offer these women a chance to study again, complete their courses and contribute towards the growth of the nation.


  • Multi-talented professionals: 


    Distance education allows an individual to take up more disciplines and courses that are not available in colleges in their immediate geographic vicinity. This fusion of subjects creates multi-talented professionals who can be instrumental in coming up with offbeat innovations which can make a substantial contribution to the country.


  • Contribute as a skilled expert: 


    Distance learning yields skilled individual towards its end. An individual who has a deeper knowledge/specialized skills in a particular field is able to make a greater contribution to that particular field than a generalist. Even when there are certain constraints, it is advised to take up distance education and become an expert in a particular field.


  • Pocket-friendly fee structure: 


    Distance education programs have a modest fee structure and it does not burden the student and his/her parents. So it allows them to divert their funds into other productive mediums that could help the nation in one way or the other.


  • An inspiration for upcoming generations:


    By taking up distance education, you are setting an example for future generations. It inspires those around you to take up education irrespective of the circumstances they are in. This helps in building a country full of skilled professionals who are keen on making the nation a prosperous one.


    So if you’re currently pursuing distance education, know that you’re helping your nation in some way or the other!



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