Raman, Jiya, Alwin, and Misti, though besties for years, were poles apart as individuals. Raman, with his natural talent for extempore, was an ideal Jumper in a typical group discussion (GD) scenario, but not to be confused with a Troublemaker though, while Jiya and Mishti were the smart Balancers, chirping in whenever needed. Alwin was the typical Silencer, who would turn introvert in unfamiliar situations! Since they all knew that being the Leader is most important in a GD, they decided to seek expert advice before their campus interview. Proper guidance is necessary here because while there would be Ramans, there would also be Alwins in GDs. Read more about the different personalities in a GD.


Surely this is not a new situation for you, as an interview candidate, since GDs are fast becoming the most important screening tool for companies in assessing the performance of the candidates on actual company requirements as well as helping in quick mass elimination of undeserving candidates. Hence, it is vital that you, as a candidate, will need to leave a long-lasting impression to get selected. Though there’s no set guideline for GD preparation, we can focus on some neutral to-dos:


  1. Keep Eye Contact: Not only the conductor, even the participants matter. Look at them in a confident manner while speaking on the topic.
  2. Initiate the GD: If possible, take the first go. It is not always possible, but one who speaks first gets the first-mover’s advantage and can set the tone of the discussions.
  3. Be Aware: It’s very important to know about the subject you are talking about. You’ll be handicapped from the beginning if you have no knowledge of what is happening. So expand your general awareness.
  4. Be Patient: It’s bad manner to interrupt someone else’s speech. Even if you disagree, wait till the speaker finishes and then you can counter/debate.
  5. Speak Clearly: Speak clearly in a polite and understandable manner, keeping a neutral tone; don’t be over-aggressive or over-zealous.
  6. Stick to the Topic: If by any chance the group deviates from the topic, be sure to bring the discussion back on track. Extra weightage to the doer!
  7. Display Positive Attitude: Have a positive and confident attitude. Do not sound vague and uninterested or try dominating others. Body language matters!
  8. Quality Matters, Not Quantity: Don’t talk just because you are expected to. Be a quality contributor to the discussion. Irrelevant pointers or topics should be avoided.
  9. Listen Carefully: Discussion doesn’t always mean you’ve to talk throughout. Good listening is also an art. Pay close attention and strategize your next move according to the tone of the discussion.
  10. Avoid Unnecessary Detailing: Basic subject analysis is sufficient. Do not keep harping on the same issue to increase the talking time. Redundancy is never appreciated. You should use your turn judiciously and deliver your thoughts in short and simple manner.

Therefore, remember that you will not get several re-takes in a GD, and handling a situational GD topic with a non-tailored general approach would a missed career opportunity. Hence, go prepared!


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