We all look up to a mentor whenever we need any advice. Whether you are stuck in a new assignment at work or a want to take up a new distance learning course, your mentor is always there with the best possible advice for you. That’s exactly what our Academic Advisor does for you.


We, at SMU-DE, are well-known for offering ground-breaking solutions to our learners. Our revolutionary innovations in the field of distance learning aim at making the learners’ experience better. Our tech-powered learning and the easy to understand self-learning material are just a few examples. SMU-DE’s latest Personalised Academic Advisor feature is a step in the same direction, which will help several young students and professionals get ahead in their career.



How does the feature help?



As soon as you enrol with SMU-DE, you are assigned a Personal Academic Advisor. He/she will guide you throughout your journey with the University. He/she will act like a mentor, supporting you at every point – be it with understanding the structure of the course or helping you clear your doubts. The never-before feature focuses on offering a smooth approach to distance learning. Furthermore, it ensures that there are no road-blocks between students and the University.



Here’s how you can make the most of the feature:



  1. Helps you kick-start with the course


Just enrolled with the university and are unsure about what’s next? Connect with your Personal Academic Advisor who will guide you through the process ahead. He/she will give you a sneak-peak of everything in store for you.


  1. Subject matter expert available round-the–clock


Need help with understanding the course material? Or maybe you came across a complex topic at an odd hour. Look up to your Academic Advisor for all your course related queries. Drop him/her a text or an email and get all your queries solved in no time. He/she will always be just one click away . He/she will also act as a link between you and the faculty members at the university.


  1. Internal Assessment assistance


Internal Assessment has a major role to play in your academic performance. Ring up your Academic Advisor who will guide you through the entire procedure providing you detailed inputs during the course, which will help you achieve a good score in your internal tests. He/she will also assist you with completing and submitting your assessment tests on time.


  1. Give you exam tips and advice


Exam jitters will be a thing of the past as your Academic Advisor will offer you tips to cope with exam stress. He/she will keep you informed about the best learning material, relevant blogs on the subject and may even suggest you ways to stay focussed during exams. He/she will also advice you on the best ways to approach certain questions and manage your time efficiently.


  1. Track your progress


Your Academic Advisor will also evaluate your performance from time to time and give you detailed feedback, which will help you analyse your strong and weak areas. You can always reach out to him/her every time you think you need a little push or want to know how you are performing. What’s more, you can get help from him/her in creating a study schedule keeping in mind your professional and personal commitments.


  1. Admin support


 The assistance you get from your Academic Advisor is not limited only to your course study. He/she will also aid you with administrative formalities so you stay updated with the exam schedule, re-registration process, ensuring that the SLM reaches you and so on.


You can stay connected with your Academic Advisor through phone, email or even chat. This makes the feature all the more convenient for those short on time. In short, SMU-DE’s Academic Advisor is your go-to person for everything right from getting academic guidance to staying updated with the admin policies. Want to know what more can your Academic Advisor do for you? Your Academic Advisor will gladly answer that as well!



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