What if we told you that you would never have to leave the comfort of your home to be trained in a particular skill-set? Well, that’s actually not hard to envisage, with the volume of distance learning courses available in this day and age. But what about never having to leave the confines of your home to earn a living? Plausible? Well yes, once again with the sheer number of avenues available to freelancers.


You could combine the above two and secure a job straight from home. And not just by freelancing, but also by gaining employment from the comfort of your home. Have we peaked your interest yet?


Learn from your couch, earn from your couch


 We’re not talking about the ‘work from home, earn Rs.50,000 in an hour’ job. For these, we suggest you turn off your ad blocker and safe search option, and proceed to look online.


Those of you who haven’t been re-directed by the above, there are two ways to look at this.


One is gaining permanent employment in an organisation, which encourages employees to work from home on a regular basis. This could involve residing in the city where the physical office is located and heading to the office occasionally for meetings and appointments. The other option is earning a remote job, where you can work for an organisation from anywhere in the world.


Connection between distance learning and working from home


Do both the options sound appealing to you? It’s because they are! The skills derived from a background in distance learning can also be leveraged in your work from home job. In fact, you will be a prized hire for organisations, which seek to employ personnel for remote jobs.


To learn or work from home, one of the key criteria is to set aside a place exclusively for the activity. You could call it your couch, but a table and a comfortable chair would be ideal.


In any distance learning course, you will be provided with a draft schedule for the academic year. This could be in terms of when fresh modules are uploaded, the availability of live online tutorials, exam schedule and so on. The same practice should ideally be followed in your work from home life.


With technology giving us the freedom to work and learn from anywhere, more and more people are making the most of it. Remember, you’re not supposed to be on top of a Bell Curve. You’re supposed to be ahead of it.



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