Today, distance education is considered a genuine learning medium and has acquired benefits that make traditional systems of education appear outdated and could possibly even render them obsolete.


Time is on your side

The flexibility in terms of work hours a student needs to put into a course allows them to indulge in numerous other activities while completing their education. This opens up time for valuable experiences such as travelling, playing sports, research and everything else a student desires which could not be followed during a traditional course.


Fraction of the cost

Distance education courses have an extremely modest fee structure that does not burden students and parents and allows them to divert the flow of funds into other productive mediums.


Don’t quit your day job

If you are a working professional or if you have a desire to remain employed during the course of your degree, distance education allows you to pursue these interests and collect a steady pay-cheque as you acquire knowledge and expertise from your course.


A plethora of options

Unlike traditional universities, students do not have to limit themselves to one university while selecting their courses, and can pick and choose based on their individual needs and requirements. The distance barrier is covered as well, thanks to online courses which allow students to even venture into international courses and reputed institutions.


SMU-DE is a leading provider of professional Distance learning Programs in India, which includes MBAMCABCABBAM.Sc. (IT) and B.Sc. (IT). The institution has won a number of awards and has helped professionals and students from all walks of life obtain a degree of their choice with conveniently delivered high quality Degree Programs.


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