In our third installment of the Avenger series, we uncover the traits that make the amazing Black Widow and the powerful Thor the ideal SMU-DE students you would want to look up to.


So far in our Avengers-distance education special series, we have established that these amazing superheroes aren’t just about superpowers and fighting for what is right. Deep down, they harbour a set of core values, which make them tick on the battlefield.


The key point here is that these values and strengths also hold good against the rigours of everyday life, especially when it comes to distance learning. In short, if the Avengers were SMU-DE students, they would be the class toppers for sure!



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Well, without further ado, let’s prove this to you by taking the examples of two amazing Avengers: Black Widow and Thor!


Black Widow – The consistent performer


One of the most powerful Avengers is none other than Natalia “Natasha” Romanova or Black Widow. She was trained by Soviet intelligence and has a variety of skills. These skills include being a marksman and weapons specialist apart from an expert martial artist and tactician.


She started training from her childhood and rapidly rose in the ranks because of her consistent performance. Her ability to be steady and dependable in every task given to her helped her gain trust and popularity with the Avengers.


And that’s the key point folks! Consistency! Never rest on your laurels, and keep giving your all towards any project or exam in your MBA or BBA course.



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Thor – The focussed learner

The Son of Asgard, the Norse God of Thunder and the Legendary Warrior are a few names given to Thor. Odin, the lord of the Asgardian Gods and Thor’s father always knew that he could count on Thor because he played by the rules, unlike his trickster brother Loki.


Thor’s ability to make the right choices and follow the rules encouraged his father to create the hammer Mjolnir and gift it to Thor. The powerful magical hammer has helped Thor get out of some tough spots.



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Whether you are pursuing a distance education course in Mumbai or a correspondence course in Bangalore, you can learn this key quality from the Thunder God: Set a few guidelines to help you stay focussed and stick to them. It could be as simple as studying for two hours four times a week. The key learning here is to stay focussed and dedicated, just like Thor. Stick to your decisions and stick to your rules!


Inspiration can come in many forms, and superheroes have always been a great source of it. Which kind of Avenger are you? Tell us in the comments section!


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