Why Captain America and the Hulk would make for Marvel-lous SMU-DE Students!


Have you ever wished for an Avenger-like superpower the night before exams? Ever hoped of conquering your BBA syllabus with the same fearlessness and ease as the Hulk beating the bad guys?


Hang on, that just made us realize something! Do you see it? Don’t you think the Hulk and Captain America would make for ideal SMU-DE students ever? Here’s why:



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Captain America’s superpower – Sharp judgement



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There are many reasons why Captain America will shine as a distance education student. To begin with, superheroes who are said to be more powerful than him often come to him for advice to safely wade through tough choices. What does that mean? Yes, Captain America is reliable and has a good sense of judgement.


Captain America’s keen judgement and the ability to understand his own strengths and weaknesses make him carry out missions responsibly and in an organized manner. He is also self-driven and does not wait for orders to do what is right. For distance learning students, being self-driven can make all the difference.


Hulk’s superpower – Fearlessness



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Hulk is not afraid of nefarious demigods or an entire fleet of battle tanks standing against him. He’s the only one to lift Thor’s hammer armed with raw power and supreme confidence. Although his anger consumes him, he is an irreplaceable asset to his team. When not green, his intelligent revelations help the wittiest of all, even Iron Man. We think Hulk’s confidence and belief in himself make him the perfect distance education student who is ready to brave it all – be it personal or professional commitments.


Armed with these powers, you can be a superhero too!


Although Avengers are fictitious characters, their devotion toward their duties is something for everyone to learn from and apply in real-life situation like exams. Do you agree with our picks? Which Avenger is your favourite and why? Tell us in the comments section


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